To my friends:
take a tea break
put down the bean,
you only worry more.
do not argue, not now,
with such little time
I want to spend it wisely.
You should too.

for yourself
for your friends
for strangers, I
I was never good at the later.

To my friends:
when we are old, 
and my spirit asks yours
what you regret
will you really answer,
not studying for that test?

is beautiful, it's glorious.
you can go to lands unthought of
and you deprive yourself
of this free ticket
to someplace
btter than Maui?

To my strangers:
love those who don't love you
do not ask for anything in return,
you will only get soured joy.

It can be given so easily
we still keep it to ourselves
it is not money,
the market cannot inflate.

To my strangers:
We have a shorter time
than I have with my friends
only in this time,
to you, do I exist.

is most often regretful
why not say that last word,
to make sure they do know you.

To my enemies:
I wish you did not exist.
I wish you were my strangers.
I hoped, once
I hoped you were my friends.

no one and you tell me
when you are old, and we talk in spirit
that you do not regret,
the last word,
we said.

To my friends:
you all were my teachers,
you all were my pupils.
One day we will talk in spirit,
and yes, when you ask,
What is your regret, 
I will have an answer.



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