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You tried your best to break me, You thought you could shake me. You wanted to try and fight me, You thought you had defeated me. You thought you had me knocked down,
We can all be everything  everyone has ever been   We can all be everything  no one has ever been   Yet 
Is it absolutely necessary to greet someone in person and in writing? What, if any, are the practical benefits of a traditional greeting? And who should be the first one to say a greeting to someone?
You know when it finally hits you and you get tired of your own bullshit, And it becomes too much and all you can think about is how bad you want to quit?
I might be wrong in thinking That I navigate with lithe and agility through unfamiliar dark rooms Dark wombs Even darker tombs sinking further down to a heated core, a hellish home My body, at last.
I used to think that I was alone I used to think that the ground would crumble beneath me God, I would hear I didn't think that he cared I didn't know he was hear God, I would here
Now I'm An UNTOUCHABLE... !!! UNLIKE.... Cliff Huxtable... !!! Or YES I Mean... " Bill "... !!! I'm UNTOUCHABLY... ILL... When It Comes To My Will... !!!
One of the most important things that I have been told is to believe in your journey even when no one else can, And it took me a long time to realize that no one else has to believe in you if you are your own biggest fan.
Ya Know I Always Find It... Funny... When People Say To Me That... “ I’ve been Lucky ! “... As If They’ve Gotta Clue... of The Things That I've Been Through... ?!?
Ya Know … My Form of... " Spiritual "... Is Really... Quite Simple... Live In PEACE And KEEP Negativity... Where It... NEEDS To Be... !!!
Ya Know I'm Beginning To Think The Truth Is ... A LOT of Folks Are ... STUPID ... !!! You Can Tell By The Way They're Moving ... And Who They Choose To ... Move With ...
Ya Know I Have To Concede … That Within My Mind … "Sometimes" … ? I Lack …. "Belief" .… !?! But Within My Rhymes The Truth's Defined … !!! Belief INDEED ... Runs Through My Veins When My Pen Meets Page …
For Some It Seems Perception ... LEANS ... Toward THOSE Dreams of ... " FANTASIES " ...
You let your mind fall apart as your kindness labels you a nutjob. “You sit with her at a table all alone because you feel pity for her.”
So ... " Who Do You Believe " ... ??? MP's And Their War Stories .... ??? Cos' When It Comes To Speaking TRUTH .... Their Talks Seems ... " Pretty Cheap " ...
i think i was 11 when a stranger first asked where i hid my money it was a cold winter day you could see your breath sway and stay as the snow flew your way i glanced back at his face
Each drop fell, bringing with it a taunt over our own depravity. It shouts, “Liar, Schemer, Thief, Murderer, Adulterer, Covetous- Human?” Well sir, in your flawless plan, there lies all but one fatal cavity.
TRANSFORMATION Transformation. Where developmental stages cascade into adolescence.  It molds our countries, comunities, and our families. Our values, transform our future.   
The only creature  who truly knows freedom: high-flying bird   Give me freedom or  Give me DEATH! I'll settle for rights.    A 16 year old  with car keys in hand
We question the origin of things and look for scientific explanations To justify and provide reasons to the start of our nation It comes down to a significant simple story of creation
I was once asked... "What do you believe in?" Now I know what the question meant, Do you believe in God? Do you believe in anything? Do you believe in nothing?
She brings love and peace to all  but even when she falls she will crawl she will do anything for the people to hear her calls Until one day her calls will be evolved 
I’m gonna start with a question That I doubt you can answer Because I’m sure it’s in you Spreading like a cancer It’s in me too, Though I’ve only just become aware
Happy 'spend a lot' day for the wrong reasons, Don't forget to spend absorbent dollars today on roses, chocolates or other gifts to show your true love there worth to you,
  Dear Hope, Hi. It’s been a while hasn’t it?      
Dead. Only to be born again. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is equivilant to seeing the  Hospital lights hit your big, bright eyes. 
When you die, a lot of people believe you go live up in the sky. I think your spirit thrives and lives wherever it wants to arrive.
Look at your face and your hair's small curls you may not be a stick, but you have the whole world in your hands, between your shoulders, and even in your thighs.
Hello Lou, how are you? Are currently down, are you feeling blue? Are you counting the stars, searching for love, and aproval for the person that you are? Are you waiting for hope,
I can pull it off,Don’t you dare take it from me!Just believe in me.
What you know about the silence of the lambs I'm not talking about that cross dresser shit. I mean the way people today choose to live, cowardly, afraid to speak up. Think differently,
I'm living in a castle made of sand.  It looks to be made of some hearty stone,  But I'm good at finding truth.  Sometimes I pluck it out of ears, like a magician's coin.  Truth is a bit more expensive. 
Guiding Holy Spirit anxiety? No need to fear it   Blissfully I Breathe What a way to be!   Jesus once again conquered death, & Gave Life to the powerless.
I won't be happy when there's a frown on her face I won't fully rest when she's not by my side I won't relax if I'm not sure that she's safe   I love those quirks she calls flaws
Tranquility in reluctance to the search from within the vase jar still hangs by the window sill there are voices in my head no whispering a very faint sound of selfish fervor
Not everything is okay. Fact of life, people. And more and more I look around and see people try to redefine "okay." Or try to figure out the way the world is best run Or what's the difference between messing up and just having some fun There's no
~ Walls of Flesh ~ Life isn't just what is seen in a pretty picture,But the secrets buried from within the walls of our flesh, and hidden deep inside, Intellectually we stand tall, body held strong by the back bone of our pride, While we battle th
Hope Hope is what guides us Hope is what gets us through the day and into the next So why does is it lacking in our society?
You picture me behind the curtain, scheming with Oz. I wonder if when you see me, you greet the person you imagine me to be. How awkward that I have little resemblance to the ghostly image Which haunts me now.
You judge me as I speak You judge my style of dress You laugh at my beliefs And brush aside my hopes and dreams   I feel lost because I want to voice my fears I want you to hear
Thinking of all the reasons that I love You I find too many to say Could it be Your inconsitencies, Your patters, or is it Your Relentlessly Free Mind and Untamed Heart beating fiercely each day?  
I have this friend that I am useless without. I know, I know, Friends are not meant to last forever. But this one sorta does.
Easter  Tattoo your pain on me With your tears as erasers
The billowing wind, the scent of the sea The crash of the waves, the sound of silence And me.   The darkness falls, yet stars gleam bright As seraphs-in shadows-stand guard,
Adulthood snuck up on me, deceived me Oh, she’s a sly one She flirted with me for a time, dangling her alluring maturity and ravishing freedom before my eyes
Some people think that Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in Jesus but we do.They think that we believe that Jesus doesn't exist but that is not true.We believe in Jesus and we believe in his father, the almighty Jehovah too.
God I don't know how to pray I do'nt know what to do I don't know what I believe But I know I want to believe in you Please help me to believe Reveal yourself to me Show me
There was a man who believed in nothing. He fell from a twenty-foot tall tree With not even a scratch on his knee. Then, he had to believe in something.
People will believe things that they choose to believe Most don't see the reality behind what their eyes show them Then again, we can't change the way they are When in fact, this is how we believe what people really do
The Lord is my Sheperd, that means I'm the sheep, i have nowhere to go unless my Lord speaks, My Lord is my Provider, If He provides, I eat,
The spiders tell me fables, and watch my eyes fall to rest The music of the sky lulling me into a resting wake
There was a spotlight shaded red, pointed toward the center of the black floor, surrounded by black walls, sheltered by a black ceiling from the slow pitter patter of February sleet falling outside
Sometimes it’s lonely, Being the one left behind, Blocked off from reality, No longer part of life,   No one really looks, Deep within, See the soul reflected,
Tonight, I can write about a broken moment in time,   About a lone wolf, Whose power and grace fell, As the heavens would cry, Shunned because she didn’t fit in, Didn’t agree with the status quo,
I want to dance and cry and scream, In memory of all the things we think are better forgotten. "Forgive and forget", they say. Forgive, by all means forgive, But, please don't forget?
Hope. It runs deep. Deeper than any mineshaft, Tunnel or crevice within the world. Versatile, yet universal to all. It doesn’t hesitate, procrastinate Or assimilate. Hope is…             
From the ashes, we rise like Kings. From our fallen blood, we learn to grow limbs. WIth each broken brick we build a home. Our fate is made in our blood and stone. You may take our bodies,
You constantly reminded me to wash my
  What's a tree without it's leaf? What is god without belief? What is man with no home?
Change is always around us Change is everywhere It happens every day, but sometimes we hardly notice The temperature, the shape of the clouds, and change even arises from tectonic plate movement.
I believe that people use religion as a way to escape reality.  However, I love Jesus. I believe that work is just a way to get paid.  However, I love my job.
She sighed, such a soft breathe As if her exhale were the gentle cry of angel
I belive in one God creator of heaven and earth  because thats my religion since my birth  it doesnt matter if you believe in ying and yang  or that the world was created with a big bang
No, You cannot and you will not be nothing more than you are now You are not a butterfly, no pretty wings will sprout from your nonexistent limbs ; you will forever be a worm
I understand why you "believe."   We humans long for control. Desperately we seek it, always, but most when we have lost what little control we had and are left with none.   "God" is a defense mechanism.  
Love is patient Love is kind We are made in the image of God Love conquers hate Love makes us human Love your neighbor as yourself   Evil is wrong Evil is sinful
“You pray, God listens.” The biggest lie I’ve ever heard. He wasn’t there when I laid dying, He wasn’t there when I asked for advice,
They tell me who my God is But how can they know my God When they do not know me? They tell me why to follow, to obey, to submit The scriptures and holy texts are law Unbreakable, unforgiving
Though my hair is wild and free I tremble with fear As I journey across the unexplored waters of the sea What strange silver monster  Eats at my wrists? What strange creature Gnaws at my ankles?
When a feeling becomes so warm so warm I want to taste it not a harsh slap of spicy flavors
A day without worries is the day my bodies buried, Call me a sinner.... But repentance is what wil save me from the furry. Consistency was never a nickname, and i dont wona use the same old lines that im just human.
Why, why, why? Always a question, never an answer Why to do this, why to do that... It's all about the reasoning The why Why, why, why? Always running through the head Why, why, why?
So many struggle to find reason for their lives So many struggle to go on So many struggle Yet so many miss on the simplest joys in life So many regret their past sins So many live in their failures
Some people tell me that I have a way with words, That I have a way with birds, or a way with nerds. But whether I'm chirping or burping, whether I'm running or cunning, can I just ask you something?
Universal puppeteer, sink low to leveled eyes;
And then I was gone The past, only a memory My wings of successs 
The days go by, The days do come, Life is nothing without a little fun. Hold me now, Hold me close, Moments like this, i'll cherish the most. My darling, My dear, Sweet young one;
You got me thinking Of what’s out there and what’s inside You got me thinking Of how we came to be alive You got me thinking Of whether we contain a soul You got me thinking
These thoughts are strangers to my head, These thoughts behind the wall Where once stood nothing. Now is hope But fear, it still abounds.
Regret holds no meaning to what I felt Something greater was born What I'd done made me melt As everything inside me was torn
I hear the Angel's thunderous cries Commanding you to stop. The largest of the troupe comes near And kneels before your face; Eye to eye Bodies so close. You ache to reach out and touch
I’ve always wanted to believe Mama told me you were everywhere And the pastors told me to pray So I wore your emblems Around my neck Around my wrists I stayed shackled and barred to your pews
You push me down You Kick Me Down You Dig a Hole You Stabbed My Back And push me down Again And Again But what’s the point What’s the problem? I’m I Not good enough
Desires I openly nearly never express
I dont know why, Why I want to cry, Why my soul wants to die, Why my hopes and dreams turn into lies. Can someone please tell me, Because I feel like I'm not good enough But what is 'good enough'?
Go, little sheep, from this bare and desolate land. Go from this wicked place with its whips and brands. Go, press onward through the cold gates that bar the way Go, leave this dark world
I'll tell my story You tell yours I don't know what will happen beyond here Whether my eyes will remain dry Whether I'll need a place to hide If I will meet the sky If I will pass and rise
We live in power Human beings united. Advocates of anti-bullying The power behind great action. We are strong in out fights, Even when all looks bleak. Camaraderie our shield
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