A Letter to Hope


Dear Hope, 
Hi. It’s been a while hasn’t it?  



When I was younger, I saw you everywhere;
hugging the women across the street,
talking to a man in the hospital,
and even sitting alone waiting to speak to me.




But one day, you just… left.
You left and everything became scary.
You left and people decided that without hope,
there is no happiness,
there is no joy,
that this isn’t a life worth living.




I want you back.
I want to hug you close and apologize.
You left... and it was my fault.
I should have trusted you more.
I should have let you lead the way.
I should have cherished our unbridled time together.




You and I, we were so strong together.
We did what we thought was the right path and just…
Now, here I am,
Alone and afraid.




Without you, 
The world weigh down on me like it’s entirety was placed on my shoulders.
It’s so heavy. This weight... I’m crumbling.




You give me a reason to live.
You inspire me to make things better.
You make me realize that there is more to the world than the little things.
You teach me to believe in what my heart tells me is right.


So, my friend, I want you back.

And I believe… in us.
In you.




Someone Holding out for You

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