A day without worries is the day my bodies buried,

Call me a sinner....

But repentance is what wil save me from the furry.

Consistency was never a nickname,

and i dont wona use the same old lines that im just human.

Flesh was taught to deceive

But who said old dogs cant learn new tricks.

Someone who gave up

And never took a bit...(Bite)... of time

see I aint blind but how am I missing every blessing he's giving.

I mean I know he's forgiving

But it seems I'm forgetting

This ain't me.....

You know it's amazing how a brown cow can eat green grass and make white milk

But it's a miricle that God can take a black soul and wash it in red blood to create something as white as snow.



thats good. Can you check out my poem and tell me wat u think?


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