I am NOT who they say I am!
If I were to be a word in the dictionary, I would be extraordinary
Something like a TIGER
Because you’d never know when I would strike
People told me that I would get nowhere in life
So growing up, I picked my act up & started to strive
Instead of building anger, I took it as encouragement
Because my failure?
Would be their success & that's not what I inherited
& I refuse for anyone to say I was just like the rest!
So every move I make, will always be my best
I am Not who they say I am!
So many people try so hard to stand out that their actually fitting in
So the only way to stand out now a days is to stand in like the old days & fit in
Most times you have to lose to win
But I crawled before I could walk
Walked before I could run
And I ran before I could spread my wings
& now I’ve found the real me within.
I am NOT who they say I am!


I AM who I SAY I AM!

When the winds are roaring & blowing
& everyone is blowing away in that giving up stage
You will see me in the mist
Striving for Excellence!!!!!!
Because I AM who I SAY I AM!

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