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Hope is what guides us

Hope is what gets us through the day and into the next

So why does is it lacking in our society?

Hope is what makes us ambitious, makes us try

Hope is what gets us through the hard times, and makes us believe something better Will come in due time.

Yet we have stopped hoping,

Stopped trying.

To hope and to try are so intertwined that we cannot help but to combine the two as One.

I grew up same as most people, listening to fairy tales.

The one where the girl always finds her Prince riding a white stallion.

Writers and books have made girls think since the dawn of time that “their guy” will be Perfect;

That they don’t need to try and work it out, that a stallion will show up and whisk them Away.

This is a fallacy.

A fallacy that makes girls lose the will to try and see the best in someone, despite the Flaws.

“Never settle” are the infamous words we grow up on and children, but these two words Just perpetuate the idea of not trying.

Not trying to see the good with the bad, but instead that everyone is our Prince on a White stallion.

Later I see the shows on TV where everything always works out between the couple;

The girl is oppressed by her “better half”, but none of that matters because they end up Happily side by side.

The TV industry has led women to believe that the best girls can achieve is someone They don’t deserve.

Someone who treats them wrong, or takes advantage.

I ask myself,

“Why do we choose the wrong people to date? To spend time with?”

It’s because we accept the love we think we deserve,

We can only try and make ourselves and others see that they deserve more,


But with all the media we take in, we accept the fact that the best we have is someone Who hurts us, makes us think that our goals aren’t worth striving for.

I, like many, was bullied terribly in 8th grade.

I hear stories each week of some poor girl, some poor boy who stopped living just Because of a bully.

Bullies make us lose hope;

The idea that even though times get rough,

We can always keep trying.

These stories we hear are always the bad side.

Not the one where that girl or boy pulled through and made it better for themselves.


instead we hear about the dropouts

the therapy

the fights and seclusion.

Listening to these stories only perpetuate the idea of accepting the loss of faith,

The loss of hope in the future and the willingness to try and get there.

We don’t always choose where we come from, or what happens on the way,

But we always can choose what happens next.

And all we need is a little bit of hope,

And the willingness to try.

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