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It always seems as if things come to you when you aren't looking for anything to occur, And when things get hard, it can be very easy to keep longing for the way that they once were.
Losing someone you love is the hardest thing that anyone can go through, It's so strange to think about them being gone when they were always there for you. Some people will never understand the love that we have for our pets, 
love, sweet, and kind you will soon find me under a bleacher making out with a boy
Have you ever been inspired by an animal you admired? They ask "Who inspired you?" You don't often say "Maine coons"   You may think of your brothers, your sisters, or Dad,
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Why are you here? It's past your bedtime. Get some sleep!     (Sweet dreams, I love you!)
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Thanks. For everything. I appreciate you, and what you do for me. And I love you for that. (Seriously!)
Hey, you. Yeah, you! I don't know how to tell you this. Imma have to whisper it to you.   (I LOVE YOU.)   Did you hear me? Good.  
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Have you had enough water today? . . . Take care of yourself! Geez! (I say this 'cause I love you!)
Hey, you. Yeah, you! I love you. Have a great day. I gotta reiterate. (Just in case.)  
The stars spell your name in a thousand love letters, as we're hand in hand whispering secrets in the dark.  You bring sunshine on a rainy day with your laughter, drying my tears with a kiss.
It is hot outside I am really sweating man Turn down the A.C.
I want to paint all my walls yellow. So when I wake up, I wake to the color of you. The color that holds every sunset, every warm smile, all those kisses on the beach.
A woman's mouth approaches the screen so zoomed in Red lines of blood chapped lips let out a dry whisper "everything looks so bright" A cool breeze dances on your neck's back
Grey nose, white tail. Soft feet hop down the trail. At the end a light. Shining in the night. Who sits there at the end? Grey nose, white tail.  A girl covered in a black veil.
Because I love you, I look you deep in the eyes I hold my head up high, When I'm standing by your side Because I love you, I laugh all the time, I can be myself And I never have to hide
Because I love you, I understand if you are overwhelmed and can't get to the phone. I do not expect all of you, all the time. Sometimes minds are else where and that's okay. Just let me be there. 
On those sunny days,my smile widens when I think about you  My cheeks get tired of laughing when I am around you  You could scream "Boo!" and I'd act like a fool who's been scared half to death 
For just three months we've been together It truly feels like its been forever. We call each night with an exhange of words,  So simple, so sincere, I couldn't ask for more Time moves on as our affection grew
I don't like people, But sometimes you meet some sweet ones. Some wonderful people. Maybe they said "hello" The way they do. Or maybe they just showed you love. They make the world
"I love you" we message each other non-stop. Non-stop. Non-stop! I see him 4 days out of the week, and over time the days seem to stretch further away. It pulls and tugs at my heart in the best way possible.
Ever since New York I tried to change my mind pushed away these little things and these little white lies. I was only 18 surrounded by fool's gold. I had no control as these fire proof clouds
Dear 17 year old girl with a 5 year old heart staring back at me in the mirror: You are growing up so fast. Yesterday, you swung rung from rung on the monkey bars. You painted portraits with your words at show and tell.  
It is a peculiar and otherworldly feeling. It is subtle. Subtle like a touch mark on a knife, Or a fingerprint on a mirror. But in the quiet of a silent hour I can feel it.
A man from the moon and a woman whose been raised by the sun. One of them has found powerful bullets while the other holds the gun.Seldom thoughts of this thing called intimacy that is foreign to their minds.
Whether it comes or go's Whether it withers like flowers Whether it differs like fire and snow, where you go I will follow.  
Except to me   It's already messed up  We're already different  Than before we started talking  So don't silence  What you wish not to hear  That brings the feelings more to the surface 
Today is the day I have a date today With a guy who just seems great He is just like me in countless ways We have the same order at Subway
A soft little kitten My finger he has bitten Yet I simply grin. I hold him tenderly Hoping he'll purr to me Sleeping under my chin.   Striped oranger face and white paws
My dog really loves to be scratched On his ears and head Oscar, so cute, he makes me happy
Is it bad that i wanna adore you and love you? Is it bad that i wanna kiss you and also hold you? Is it bad that i crave you? Is it bad that i wanna save you? From all the good things and bad..
I take a look inside your eyes, A daring quest I know. I long to hear the lullabies, And feel the fresh white snow. I want to see your memories,
Sugar-coated cinnamon sticks,Your fingers pluck them from a dusty glass jarOn a honey-baked solstice day. Sun shining bright, bright in my eyes,And in yours,
  Your face against mine is meant to be Like when the seashore kisses the sea   On a deserted island, you’d be all that I’d need.   Even if I was feeling alone and forgotten
“Don’t forget your roots,”They always say.“Don’t forget your roots.”The great oak always continues to growas long as its roots are growing,but as its trunk is growing significantly
The transition from child to man is one of the biggest leaps,
There once was a Tobear, who had fur hair, and brightened this one girl's days. She loved him so much, it was such a rush, she wished he would never go away. If she were to leave,
My rats are sweet but they usually face defeat. When people judge their faces after previous disgraces. They did not ask to be rats.   My rats are playful but seen as shameful.
  Here lies the cat in grander soft and big, In dreams he prances quickly and sly. If possible cat would catch the horrible pig, He who does not stop being a bad guy.  
T'was the night before school, when all through houses
When in October the air was cold,  Leaves were falling because they were getting old, Some trees still had color they were standing strong, Daylight was little the darkness was long,
What are you doing, little creature, with your tiny, furry paws and wide, shining eyes full of bright energy?   With your tiny, furry paws, you swat at the tassels, full of bright energy,
The path has never been a straight one, 
Roses are red violets are blue this poem isn't original it's not intended too   Violets are blue roses are red keep reading on but only in your head   roses are red
  Snowy layers beneath our cold feet,   Warm lights strung above in a line--   When our eyes first meet,   Your warm hand touches mine,               
I linger I stare I play with your hair that shines in the sherbet sky my eyes burn yellow and orange I've forgotten you've scorned any notion of touching you
You've got my heart fluttering on the ideas of us being together. My eyes get lost in your and just the thought of you blossoms my mind.
One and Only, I am truly yours, But, promise me something? And not just a regular promise, A pinky promise, And not just any old pinky promise, A REAL pinky promise,
His fingertips brushing over her velvet skin Flash through her mind as she catches his azure gaze He lifts a corner of his luscious lips Striking a chord of her heartstrings
She doesn’t need to worry about the size of her body,The length of her hair,The color of her eyes.To know she’s perfect.
Almost everything in daily life You're there We were there We listened to this We sang to that We ate here There We kissed here We just talked there You liked this
I really don't need your shit I don't want it Don't have to take it Don't need to hear it   I live with the memories of the past What I've done What I've said Who are you to remind me
Being left all alone After all the effort put in The effort wasn't noticed It was that or a step forward Many steps back I could say there were times when I didn't care I won't like
Ingredients: 2 cups of mushy love songs 3 cups of butterflies
  Everyday I tell myself “If she only knew” Every morning when I wake I start thinking of you   Sometimes I just wish That I could tell you Just what I’m thinking
You look beautiful, as the sun is settin Your face glimmers along with the Heavens On a scale of one to ten, you're an eleven You must be why God rested on day seven   You are so fine, so so fine
My name is Villa, first name Jennelle. Friends call me Jenny, it's easier to spell. All I want to do is spread my wings and soar. My name is Jenny, so hear me ROAR! I said goodbye to my lovely little home
Could I tell this, my rapid-fire heart, to slow down a beat; I don't think I would,
I packed a bag for a perfect day, Of course my mind's camera also came,
Our eyes met over  and over and over again. Ocassionally our glances interrupted by a body or two blocking our sight. We were exchanging shy smiles out of politeness.
Maybe my mistake wasn't loving you. Maybe my mistake was. Maybe my mistake was letting you go. Maybe my mistake wasn't. Maybe my, Maybe this, Maybe, Maybe, Maybe... Maybe you still care? I do.
A green parakeet eats seeds ever so peacefully  chirping on a tree
Lost in your eyes I want to feel the sunrise. I want to feel the flutter of your heartbeat, in this beautiful demise. Though your hunger will make me bleed, my thirst for you will intervene. Lust lust I'm feeling lust lust, lust lust lust.
I won't ever tell you what you want to hear, But rather what's sincere and dear, I know that you're there and I’m here, And no matter how far I am, I’ll always be near,
Cybil pushed through the parlour egress She did not like to think what lay beyond the recess For her imagination raged and galloped And thought up all manner of horrible things
There is a world yes where a mouse can talk and ride a floating carpet
Your baby hand: so strong, s small. Your fragile head; I won't let you fall.   Your eyes are closed, and you're asleep; yet you are perfect from hair to feet.  
The one who is that "special someone", springs love in the air, once every year, this special marketing time to express your love to anyone,
She smiled at him with the stars in her eyes, He returned the gesture with a gentle kiss, Which earned a giggle of surprise, He gave a grin of utter bliss,
I never knew what love was like That was until I met you How could I forget? Your smile, your eyes the way you fret It made me feel like I was invincible. All that changed one day.
I remember the day, Back when it was all games, Back when nothing was gray And all you had to learn were names.   The years went by, The classes got harder.
Screw the people who break us down so much, that we become senseless and open If that’s an opportunity, damn, love, just consider me your token Let’s strip the truth of all its beauty
We approached the counter, side by side.
Music Is My Life, Let The Lyrics Be My Spirit,  The Melody's My Emotion,  So I'm Hoping That You Hear It, Music Is My Passion, To That I'm Truly Dedicated, I've Been Chasing My Education, 
Hear me out My love. The sun rises each morning To greet you. Its eternal heat aims to keep You warm.
He's white and tan and blond smoldering blue eyes He plays baseball, a star jock   She's black, well brown-skinned actually Her hair is jet black and shiny, Shoulder length and gloriously curly
How does one say this...That you are wonderful and In wonder I fall                        (senselessly)
Flowing Locks Of Ropes Cherish thee With Love       Long braids flowing down hardly ever touch the ground.   Pig tails-Pony tails
I know his footsteps and the catch in his breath And i know his laugh sorted from the rest I know the way his hair flips out in the ends And I know the freckles covering his face down to his chin
I am the Water, you are the Earth.  
Childhood is innocence. The time when there is no choice But to accept any situation that faces you.
I loved you both, can't you see? Loved too much You both loved me.   Differet as gold and sillver to me. alike an apart like coffe and tea.   Imperfecty perfect
We may not be bound by blood,
The cup is empty, so i fill it; to the brim, to the top, on the verge of overflow; As full as possible, yet still room for more; almost too much, yet never enough;
you ask me why im crying i say it tears of joy,  what is that  you ask, something you cant ignore. something like the rain when the sun is out,
Looking up into the sky into the endless blue seeing all the clouds passing by the green balloon bright and new The little girl was shining with glee this was pur happiness 
  Perspiration slowly drips onto face, the butterflies season exceeded in the interior, The brain playing drums with the heart, teeth stabs the tongue-
Hey there, my love Don't you know that you're my universe? You turn my world upside down I miss you so much it hurts. I love you in every way Don't ever think that it's not true
'love is blind' This quote very famous, very, very famous but for those of us who have been in love how much of it is really floating flowers and doves or is the quote meant to symbolise something alot deeper
It started in heat. A heat that kept 
Under the willow tree, you kissed me we danced we hugged we picked the small leaves. Under the porch roof, you held me we whispered we giggled we wondered about the wood.
I need money, and i say this with all seriousness. I need money, I am alone in this world I have no home in this world will i beg, no, but i will ask, please give me a dollar,  will you give no, because you assume.
You’re hot You’re charming, You got looks like no other; Everyone can see that.   Your smile melts ice Your eyes captivate all, You got looks like no other; Everyone can see that.
If love was a book, I’d read it to you. If love was a song, I’d sing it to you. If love was a pool, I’d dive in with you. If love was a car, I’d drive off with you. If love was a star,
If I had one wish I'd wish for a sunny day. If my wish came true I'd take you out for a walk. If we went out for a walk I'd take you to all my favorite places.
Sometimes we dream so much that we lose touch on our reality. The lines between what we desire and what we need blurs. It's sad if you think about, the fact that what we dream isn't always reality. Our dreams transcend us into another world.
Some things are said, Some just thought, Some are read, Some I have sought. Some things are brown, Some can be blue. But everything comes crashing down... And I still love you.
I dried a rose not to watch it die but to preserve the memories it holds i dried a rose not to watch it die but to keep your heart close to mine
So I fill up my glassThe minute you past meI knew we would make historyBut the future is a mystery
Get up, run, shower, school is in an hour. Wait... No! My clock is slow. Sh*t. I'm screwed. I gotta go.  Throw powder on my face, hope my mascara is in place, grab my keys, sprint out the door,
You like me, I like you. We got together, And I'm happy 'cause it's true.   You see me, And I see you. Both of us smile 'Cause it's what we always do.   When I kiss you,
I am writing this poem to get a scholarship, you guys have some extra cash and I need a lot of it.
Do you remember when we first met?  It’s okay.  I don’t either.
In the darkness of the room I hear your still, cold breaths I hold a candle light infront of my broken body I uncover the mask you hide behind   Discovering something wild You are standing there
Little discreet glances flashes the other's way... Innocent smiles with thoughts beneath not so innocent... He cautiously extends out his lone hand that kisses the nape of hers, she smiles.
Walking home from work I notice that my wife sitting at the dinner table. My three children were upstairs playing. However, the house is not cleaned. I said to myself "What kind of shit is this?!"
Cat did purr ever so softly and dream she did of warm milk and mice
Am I wrong if I tell you I want to make love to your mind first ? Before giving giving you back shots that sweat out your hair in make your spine hurt. I want to make you mine first. I want to put in the time first.
I wish you knew, I hope, you'll see,   How much you mean to me, Running through mind, Worrying about you, Even though you aren't mine,   I'm not okay, I'm not fine,
It's crazy the amount of meaning we can assign to symbols, and the things we can express with them. It's also weird, the limitations upon them. I can say I love you, and just barely scratch the surface.
Once a girl was happy, light, and loved. She was white and beautiful and shown like a dove. she never did anything wrong, only did what was right. she learned it’s not okay to be colorful here, only white.
Yesterday is gone my dear friend, it has already come to an end. With all its blunders and its tears, follies,defeats and other fears.   The endless tears you may have wept,
Our eyes once met, Like stars that collide, Oh, Transcendent Love of mine.   Through endless space, And all of time, Our Transcendent Love will shine.   In our brightest days,
A small portion of trust... A pint of loyalty... One handful of love.. WAIT 1 MINUTE! That's way to small and little for my love & heart. Time progresses. Hair Processes. Love is an interesection.
I know a poor, old man.He is living in a remote land.And he is searching for his soul-for it was rotten-ed by gold. From faraway,the sounds reach out to him-and he listens,for peace forsakes him.
Its something we have to come to terms with We see it face to face day by day But we dont realize it becasue until we have completed the maze that has us going a new way.
  you are the morning sun,waking me with beautiful light refreshing excitement- knowing we've got it right   you are the waves at night, crashing onto my shores a constant reminder- that I'm luckily yours
  She loved him So she gave him her heart While placing it in his hands She smiled and said Because I care for you I give you my heart Which holds nothing but love for you
I fell so hard, not even god could of caught me.  Had there been a cancer in my body, your smile would have made it dissapear the moment You said "hello" and even the hairs on my toes
Time keeps slipping by I love you more than before I tried to live without you But it seems I am dangerously in love
      When I kiss you, may the sun go down? It is like blocking out the world and ignoring this town. Crawl in my window and see what we can do, there is no other person I would rather see but you.
Little Dove, You're the one I love because, Everytime you come around, You always manage to lift my frown.
My family isn’t much, nor is my surroundings. It’s only Mom, Dad, and Sarah. Dad is always working, Mom is always cleaning, and Sarah always complains. There is only one thing that I cannot explain.
I live in Texas weather, It’s way too hot for us. We always pray for rain to come, Then we always fuss. When it comes I’m unprepared And don’t know what to do… I’m undecided what to wear,
The sea shimmers like sunlight on chrome Loud crashing waves and soft silky sand are my living room The beach is the place I call home   My home is unlike the old empire of Rome
I want youI crave every part of youI want to know youTo know whoYou truly areI shall scour the earthAnd heavens if I mustTo gain your trustTo become halves made wholeThis is my only goal
Once in my hands,I did entreat,This tender appleI did eat. Oh glorious glory!Devine Defeat!What joy is mine,Since this apple I did eat.It's looks are beauty,Her taste is sweet;An angel from heavenBefore my feet.Her leaf is goldHer skin a rosy red,
I am lost in the wavesof this Magnetic field,where everything is North,yet nothing is.  everything here is Deadbut has life,  can't speak,although possesses voice,  is Broken,but Loves with ImmeasurableElectricity.  Afar off a television's static'
I just got Punched in the Face. My eyes are not Focusing and I Think I’m riding a Pink elephant.
If I had an angel,  it would be you. You fly to me when I need your rescue. The sky was brightly blue and on your wings you flew. I’m not very sure how you knew
I bought a pack of chewing gum, last Thursday at the store. And when I tried to take a piece, you fell out on the floor.  
They are the only two who don’t know. I am the only one who knows their hearts’ desire. Two shy hands with sparks in their eyes and secret hopes.
Even as I write this, I am chuckling out loud. My puppy is laying beside me, Looking ever so proud.   Not only is he sleeping, But amusing me too. He is getting a beauty rest,
Beep! Beep! Beep!  My alarm begins to cheep.  Beep! Beep! Beep!  It will destroy my sleep.  Beep! Beep! Beep!  My eyes begin to peep.  Beep! Beep! Beep!  My hand begins to creep. 
There's an Itching two inches past that-spot-I-cannot-reach buried in my hair I reach, stretch roll- to no avail Somebody help me- I roll on the carpet- suddenly, a hand, buried deep in my dark locks
It's the start of electricity; a spark It's a dream you never want to wake from, It's happiness;it's completeness It's a beautiful art piece It's a maze you want to get lost in It's flashbacks,
Dreams to me are... The world within a world, Is a story that never gets old. As time alternates inward and outward, My third eye connects the invisible cord. Thoughts begin to gather as a sea of buzzing flies,
Oh what shadows I carry and bring with me; We dance all night and sing in perfect harmony, Oh so joyous and free. Together we live so happily, because they're just like me.
I write to express To give birth to fantasies To show the real me My secretes only paper can see Keep the pain away, Keep my mind sane I write
Without you I’m like a bird without wings Grass that’s not green Trees naked, no leaves. Without you I'm like a song without depth Cheesy lines not in cards The sky with no stars
Cut me open Lay me bare My beating heart I give to you Beneath these lights On this stage I flay myself before you Nothing is held back Nothing will be left In this small time
It feels cold here without you... Its funny how much a hug can do. Arms filled with warmth that surround you... However your hugs were more than a comfort... You not only handed me your heart
A bunch of scrambled words vomited it upon a page Gleaming with a contrast of feelings and opinion Some may relate to it some may not It could be about love or life or an activist though
Little Little People they come right in they come right underneath my chinny chin chin the view from the top always see their heads spin never in their lifetime they'll see my head spin
We exist only behind the words we speak. Standing at this distance, we forever reach. We swallow the affinity because we know deep down it can never be. We put the dreams to rest and embrace the reality we live in.
Another day I return to my bed Another search again with no end I remember the moment I saw you You were different than anyone I ever knew
Stomach flutters, more vulgure than butterflies I see him, more than with my eyes Lip-locked, constantly catching me by surprise I'm ready I'm waiting, he's more than amazing This one has got my mind pacing
Life is precious as we all should know. We are just seeds in the dirt waiting to grow. As time goes by and the good and bad influences from our surroundings shine down on us, making us to sprout into our various ways, we stand.
As long as you’re by my side, The Distance matters not. My heart is tied to yours By strings of immortal trust. Forever. For always.
My love, My darling, Oh, where are you? I’ve searched and scoured the earth for you. I’ve left no rock unturned. My heart is failing, My hope is fading. Where could you be?
Filling my heart with accomplishment And the sketched atmosphere of the aloof stratosphere, I stretch my legging clad legs over the edge of Cloud 9
I feel your breath against my face such evidence of Love's embrace A gentle whisper ever so close as if softly brushing my lips with yours
Why i gotta mess up Why do i trust Why do i care Why am i here Why don't i have nobody Cause i aint worth ish, that's why
(poems go here) Ode to happiness and the high it gives you. Suppressing the stress you could no longer bare. Cleaning you up until you’re “as good as new”. It’s like inhaling a breath of the sweet spring air.
Hold me close, keep me safe. Tell me you love me and that will never change. Dry my eyes whenever i cry and tell me everything will be alright.
Three simple words, Is all I have to say To tell you how I feel, And there's no other way.
The first time I laid eyes on you Met you for the first time I Knew. It was something about the way you smiled But I hesitated, unsure It couldn’t be, my mind is playing tricks. We’ll be friends.
Maybe I became what I said I never would, But maybe change is bound to those who only wish they could. And my life is spurred by the moments rooting from the past, Get whisked away and forget the time,
To you I give my only heart, For if we ever drift apart. To have me with you forever, So I must forget you never.
I want to be your co-pilot I want to write in our booklet Forever and always I want to be the reason you are never lonely I want to be your one and only Forever and always
Never step on the tail of a cat. For all you know, he could be lying on the mat. And if you take one step on his tail, You will surely hear a most frightful wail.
Just one kiss upon your lips, is enough to make me dream. The sweet taste of loves desire, the soft and tender one I admire.
Baby theres so many things id like to say, and no money can pay, for all the happiness you bring me, so in my heart please tell me you'll stay.
I look you right into the eyes and disregard all of the lies. I swear I'm lookin into heavens skies. I look you right into the eyes and time starts to fly. I never bothered to question why.
There once was a cat named splat Who wore a funky hat He fittled and fuddled And stepped in peters puddle And that was that.
True friends are very rare But luckily I've got you. No one can Compare With the friendship that we grew. Our friendship is like a moon It will never fade Even if it's the afternoon
"...Hearts are best fixed and re-run than left broken, hurting, and struggling to function And though it may be as fragile as glass Or if you are never completely healed from the last Always keep your heart open
I tell you you’re beautiful every time we talk.. your outline drawn from Gods own chalk But your beauty is way deeper than skin It’s the girl I know that lies within It’s completely amazing and simply breathtaking
The stars are falling around us yet all i can focus on is the sine of your eyes The floor trembling beneath us yet all i can feel is the beating of my heart Fires encompassing us yet all i can feel is the fiery passion of my love
Sayde you made me a better person You helped me decide what to do With my fragile life I turned on the light And saw you laying there You were cold and Not shivering You laid there in perfect silence
Sayde you made me a better person You helped me decide what to do With my fragile life I turned on the light And saw you laying there You were cold and Not shivering You laid there in perfect silence
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