Valentine's Poem


United States
40° 48' 44.0784" N, 81° 26' 19.9896" W

Hold me close, keep me safe.
Tell me you love me and that will never change.
Dry my eyes whenever i cry and tell me everything will be alright.
Take my fears, push them far from my mind and let me know there's nothing to be feared in life.
Don't leave me lonely, every night you should hold me.
Don't lie cheat or steal, or my heart will never heal.
Believe in me, tell me i'll succeed.
Always love me for me and let me know that perfect is what you see.
Let me follow my dreams, where ever they may lead.
Let me know you're here to stay and that you would never walk away.
Never forget how much i love you, i hope you do love me too.
Will you be mine, my lovely valentine?


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