Little People


United States
19° 36' 19.0908" N, 155° 1' 28.4988" W

Little Little People they come right in
they come right underneath my chinny chin chin
the view from the top always see their heads spin
never in their lifetime they'll see my head spin
Yo, S.O.S how you doin down there?
Chillin and hoping you can see life from here?
My heads always in the clouds, storms blowing in
I can see the birds flying and the dolphins swim
He He standing tall, you come up to my lips.
My lips, my lips always searching for your kiss
I love the way you whisper to me," baby its okay"
I love my super model baby legs up to your waist
I can wrap you all night long, with these long leg guns
Bang, Bang baby, gonna hit it and run
Drop it the floor yeah lower and lower
do you feel the power the power getting stronger
and stronger and harder and better faster stronger and stronger .
Yeah! I can pull an all nighter
You say, "damn girl, wait up for me!" " Your legs are like giraffes passing 80 on a 40"
miles per hour, blooming like a flower, on speed dial, shooting 49ers
my legs, my legs they give me super powers, I can be whatever ever my golden heart desires.
Haha... Lets get back to talking' about me
Yes, I'm almost 6 foot 3
Been growing for a long time, when will I stop?
I thought girls stop, when they reach up to the top
Exaltation, I bow down to my God
The God of Love I thank him up above
My God of Right, my God of Hope
My God of Strength is the only way to cope
Thats dope, yup I believe its best
Its best to be together with my homie S.O.S
Yup now, you can blow this fat joint up
Nah nah go ahead now listen to whats up!
Little Little People, how you doin down there?
I can see ya'll stressed cause all of the grey hairs
Take a breath, breathe in and out
Keep this is mind, and walk it all out
Dont pout, have peace within
Take time meditate and let the spirit come in
your life, cause you need this to survive
Your life, Don't ever give it up
Your life, Don't ever give it up
Your life, Don't ever give it up
Yo S.O.S gonna tell you all about it.

Inspired by my dear friend, Stanley Sudol aka S.O.S


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