Two Shy Hands

They are the only two who don’t know. I am the only one who knows their hearts’ desire. Two shy hands with sparks in their eyes and secret hopes. Two who wish to hold each other. Two who doubt their feelings. Everyone can see their love, but they just glance and do not act.

               Their love is obvious. They send each other small signals. They never give up and they never feel down when they are close, but not yet touching. This is how they try.

               Let them forget their reason for being, they’d drift apart like strangers, each withdrawing into themselves. Closer, closer, closer, hands whisper when they ignore. They encourage.

               When they are too nervous and too shy to keep moving closer, when they feel like they're losing each other, then it is they get the courage. When there is nothing left to keep them apart. Two who love despite shyness. Two who finally hold each other and do not separate. Two whose only reason is to love and love.


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