Is it bad ?

Is it bad that i wanna adore you and love you?
Is it bad that i wanna kiss you and also hold you?
Is it bad that i crave you?
Is it bad that i wanna save you?
From all the good things and bad..
From all the suffering that you ever had.
Because you are someone that i truly adore.
Is it bad that i want to kiss you some more?
You make my heart flutter, you make it restless
You make my hands wetter and my brain thoughtless.
You are so stunning yet so cute hon
If you were a triangle you'd be a acute one.
You are so giving and so thoughtful
Sometimes you are silly but you are always so beautiful.
You make me smile and give me all your time
Is it bad that i wanna make you all mine?
Is it bad that i have nothing else to tell you..
other than the fact that i will always adore you.



hell yes thats hard asf



Thank you :). Since this is my first poem pls do tell me if there is any mistakes you see. Want to make this as perfect as possible before i recite to the person whom i wrote it for ;) thanks

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