Sweet Boy


You've got my heart fluttering on the ideas of us being together.

My eyes get lost in your and just the thought of you blossoms my mind.

Remember those times when we laugh the most because I want this to be significant to you as much as it is to me.

You impact my happpiness with overwhelming joy and you lift me with your words.

We call each other names but truly deliver in the field of flirtation and compliments.

I want to be with you so much and while I'm completely restricted on the things I do, 

I hope you see that I am completely submerged in the liking I have for you. 

You fascinate me and I continue to grow a passion for that sweet person I want to spend all of my time with.

I smelled like you after our hug and in my head, I was picturing so much more.

I wanted to do so much but I was so nervous.

Don't leave because you've become the best thing for me.



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