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What are you doing, little creature,

with your tiny, furry paws

and wide, shining eyes

full of bright energy?


With your tiny, furry paws,

you swat at the tassels,

full of bright energy,

and climb the curtains like trees.


You swat at the tassels

on the living room pillows

and climb the curtains like trees.

Everything is an adventure.


On the living room pillows,

ears and feet twtiching--

everything is an adventure--

chasing moths even in your sleep.


Ears pricked, tail twitching,

you wait behind the sofa to strike.

Chasing moths even in your sleep,

no bug is safe here.


You wait behind the sofa to strike,

my tiny tabby tiger;

no bug is safe here

from you, the cutest hunter.

This poem is about: 
My family


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