He's white and tan and blond

smoldering blue eyes

He plays baseball, a star jock


She's black, well brown-skinned actually

Her hair is jet black and shiny,

Shoulder length and gloriously curly


They sit beside each other in Chemistry 

He copies her notes while she listens to her i Pod

Arms bump, shoulders brush, glances are stolen

They've never once had an actual conversation but he memorizes her face and stores the image

So he can draw her later, when he's at home

She scrawls his name in the margins of their notebook

Well, not theirs...but the one marked in bold red : CHEMISTRY 


He wears her favorite cologne, he knows its' her favorite by the way she inhales deeply 

She makes sure to keep her hair down and in curls, it's the way he likes it

His hands start to cramp up and he shakes them, she giggles

He blushes and she thinks it's adorable

A quick glance at the clock confirms his dread, only twenty more minutes left 


He pulls out his sketchbook, remembering her face and the way her dimples show

She hums a tune as they work at their own pace, the class is loud enough so they're not noticed

Her eyes are closed, pure bliss

He's so amazed to see her like this, it's a gift


They lock eyes, both thinking the same thing

This love, it's too big for a couple of teenagers

It's not a hot moment in a backseat

It's not two weeks, or even two years

It's a lifetime

They've found it

Each other, and in wonderment they stare

But it's hopeless, his family would never accept her

Her father would shoot him as soon as he saw him in the driveway

They should just give up, though it's worth it and then- a breakthrough-


A note, "Hi , I'm Michael"

A white smile, hers 

And then, her tiny script, "Hello, I'm Gabriel"


Maybe it'll be okay...




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