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“Lean back” “No lean forward”   The water gushes and churnes Beneath the silver hull The wind racing through tendrils of blonde
Most curiousduality ... thisSentimentality.Excessive tenderness,sadness, nostalgiacorrupting modality,distorting reality'ssocial edifice.Brain-crampingcontortion,
it doesn’t feel disgusting to be loved by you and that is something i crave  
Shhh! Can you hear that? Can you hear the silence? It's killing you slowly; Mince to mince. Look at those people around you, Suffering the same thing that you do. They were enjoying peace;
At a coffee shop, For the first time ever, he came to me. For the first time ever, he told me his name. For the first time ever, we knew each other. Without introduction, he came to me as
Where am I going? A cold wall The floor is moist Water was drained Pure water, tainted Sewage in the mixture  
Her mind His body Her attitude His ambition I crave what they have What they´ve worked so hard for I want it so I´ll fight for it My inspiration is competetion
Her mind His body Her attitude His ambition I crave what they have What they´ve worked so hard for I want it so I´ll fight for it My inspiration is competetion
To walk with no shoes on thick cold ice, It's the feeling of been stabbed over ten thousand times. What were to happen if you were to slip through, to see into into the abyss.
By my bed, at night, there are three windows Sometimes the moon travels from the first to the third  Sometimes the moon stays on the second
These are the baby teeth you forgot about the pieces of you that you don't remember  the sweetness of your innocence the roots of your upbringing  that passed by in rollerskates and scraped knees
I stand with trembling hands in front of a crowd of pseudo fans. My mouth is dry—cracked from holding the desert under my tongue.   I am afraid of being the jester in a table of Kings.
One chance to change your life; to make a friend to invite someone in, before it's too late. One chance to change your life; to not hold back to tell them they're getting hurt,
I’m not handing checks because it’s not season Can’t trust the government, better call it treason I operate for my own reasons To protect myself as a human being Can’t put me down, I am not weakened
Our passions go out Not with a bang but a whimper Not with a whimper but a whisper Not with a whisper but a shout
June came fast June came slow June hit us both like a bus Without warning  And no time for "No" Out with highschool The crazy rides we went on Hello to even deadlier amusement
I tried to kill two birds With one stone And ended up killing myself
Many can say that Poetry is a simple concept However, they probably don’t understand that it’s difficult  to create a piece of literature with technique, symbolism, and depth
The beat of the drums shook the Earth, but my feet remained unmoved, tripping and trying to search for the right jive and groove.   Trickling in from the heavens came that fateful, unexpected storm,
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A message is written with a black staining ink.A message for a bitter-sweet end.Hidden away in a blue marble sink.A note I hope you won't bend.
All my middle-aged family members smile in my face and talk about how my whole life is ahead of me as if it's the most wonderful thing in the world
Beautiful woman, Confess a little, Love for me, Tell me you love me, Beautiful woman, Talk to me. - akylus
You are neither, Thought nor memory, You're a craving, In my blood, A spasm in my heart, A ceaseless echo in the soul, Recurring again, And again. - akylus
  When- words slip out of your mouth like warm ginger ale broken glass cuts deep into your tongue like fireball plastered
Because I love you  I won't hurt you, And because you love me  You'll do the same. Love is a two way street  It is something that is earned  not bought. Something that is gained, 
A wax sky drips over a sidewalk corner Illuminated by a burning-wick sun As I smile at the old men living there, Baked and leathery and meaning everything to nothing
A young beautiful girl, Who fell in love with a poison, It stripped her of everything she loved, And kept her all to his greedy self, Yet she continued to sip up all the lies,
His moansAre more beautiful than any songI could ever listen toBecause through such a simple soundThat escapes from the depths of his lungsHe is capable of expressing more emotionThan words could do alone.
You are broken beyond belief; a puzzle I could not finishBecause I was too afraid of the end resultYou were beautiful despite not being complete,But still I was afraidAnd in this fear I slowly picked you apart
I am Icarus who is in love with the Sun.   In your own sweet and delicate way,You are a burning light of emberThat has sparked what is nowA raging inferno within my soul.  
I was a shirt filed with straw and rags. Pants that hang loose. Jeans cuffed pinned uncomfortably. Nothing to think of; a hat filled with straw. The inability to walk. Pinned to a board. Hickory oak.
a smile and a kiss the kind face of pain The smile is genuine but it masks pain pain and hurt and conflict all masked the same   I hurt to see it it clouds his eyes
a perfect world full of love full of life all above there is no violence there is no pain it makes no sense does it?   reverse turn it upside down that is how we live
In an instant, I caught a moment, That fell off from time, But the instant was gone, And with it, the moment, Leaving me staring, Into emptiness. #free_verse
XX Chromosomes cried in excitement from the minute the ball dropped. 2016. My best friend and I cheered surrounded with friends, “This was our year.”
I want to forget about all of my doubts, worries, and fears because then there would be no distractions from the
When I’m down And feel like sinking into the ground I write   The words ebb and flow With my worries With my dreams  
Perfectly powder blue iris’ of yours display my past present and future back at me parched lips of mine dabbled with a subtle rouge
 Motivation is when you wake up happy and happy to see that you woke up live and well. Motivation is when you are determined to not let anything or anyone set you back. Being motivated is something that you have to build yourself up to.
The First, his bones creak. The kick of his artillery jolts his body And he moves with it, a jerky dance that goes unnoticed As the air is filled with the sound of metal and collisions –
Icicles are my fingers, stiffly projecting from my hands, wishing to gather under their frosty chins any sliver of warmth. For in winter’s womb is formed cruelty, and when she’s born devises ways to bite and slap and seize those unprotected.
Free space lines that run A flowing thought free from the mind. Different styles all to hard to remember   EXPRESSION! A freeway to think Your never right or-
I swore that I got my light from the North Star When I was just a flicker in the rolling fields of dark satin I prayed to the sky, “Grant me a dimmer backdrop So that I may rise out of it”
Sue         Sue you’re seven now. You’ve gotten so big. Hopefully you know of nothing. Nothing that happened.  
A vibration from another dimension: strong, lucid, vibrant and intrusive, the ring of electronic beat, underneath your feet. Club of wonder, the simulated answer!
Be not ashamed of your wary past. For your walk in darkness shall not last. A step forward is truly a milestone. Where there is darkness, a glimmer of light is always in sight.
I hated him so terribly, so much so, I was confusedI wanted to bury my fists deep into his chestand slide them out comfortably "The thing is," he said, "I tried"We're both asteroids on a forgotten constellationAnd I held his gaze, held in my anger
An impossible parable A pair of bowls with a missing spoon The broken sun in the afternoon Raindrops in a hot monsoon  
On my lone(some) Who knows where On an island Bring one thing there   Really, I'd bring a knife If I had to stay there   Joking aside, Something in mind Close to my soul
What is hope but an endless rope  not the one meant to choke
An inspiration of words, whispered one last time; for a crowd of mouths to listen. An inspiration of sound, screamed with passed-on passion; for one to know, and many to hear.
Aching aged acre 
i'm an 18 year old kid from a smallass towni'm up in the twin cities now tearin up that art school shit (nah)and fuckin up on the dailybut that's just me you gotta put up or shut up
I hear sad tones going forth among all voices, I read stories wrinkled between grimaces, I see determined gazes residing in eyes crumbling from uncertainty, But I don’t feel anymore...
I won't turn my back, after being your friend And drive your name into the ground I won't abandon you when you need me Because you can be tough to deal with I notice I am different, in this aspect that is
Cease and desist Or else suffer the consequence We live in a police state Corruption is rampant Forces of racists and brutatlity reign Another innocent gunned down, bring a city to fame
You don't even know who you fucking are, let alone what you're fucking worth,
Filterless? Filter-less.   Less as in I am less without a filter Less attractive less complete less perfect Less myself  
My heart drops every time I think about the boy’s body sinking to the bottom of the pool on that one, beautiful day in May.
Strength isn't found solely in soles Good isn't exclusive to the most holy of souls Strength isn't found in your designer Good is good without a reminderWisdom can be beyond the pages
I am sorry. i am sorry for shredding you to pieces when you deserved to be cherished. i'm sorry for the six years of abuse i put you through and thought that you deserved. 
Through free verse, I don't believe, that the pages of my life can be seen. Life was not made to be described in big, or small, words.
You run your fingers through my hair while I sway to the beat
No filter Through the lenses of my peers  I stand without fear. For I know this is truely me and all I may be. No filter From my black curly hair to the tips of my toes
Sometimes I'll lie awake at night thinking of everything and nothing all at once (Another sleepless night) And every time, a thought will cross my mind (Never welcomed) And I become sad
Who are you behind a filter, we try to look good and be someone we are not, just look in the mirror and see who you are, God makes no mistakes we the way we are from design, why change perfection with a filter,
filters hide the true beauty inside & out Can't see what's on the inside because people are worried about what's on the outside SElF CONFIDENCE leads to success In your own skin you win never settle for less
Dear Stranger, Let me into your skin, Let me seep into your bones, Let me be the one, when you’re all alone Dear stranger, Keep me warm, Keep me, Me Dear stranger, Take my hand,
Ode to books
She is alive
 Don't you get it? I'm not okay I'm not just tired I'm not fine I'm not good My life is not great  Don't you get it? You need to understand that you don't know everything
What do my words sound like without a filter? Might as well ask me to reinvent the wheel My words must remain slightly off-kilter Because I am afraid of myself without a filter.  
I fill my lungs  With the nebulas and stars. Breathe in the frost of the moons, Exhale the rays of the suns. I let my eyes dance like stars In the cosmic heavens above.
I hear the crickets chirping absent of rhythm. I hear the clock ticking away the seconds. I hear my blood pumping through my veins. I hear the creaking of the swing outside.
Taking subtle breaths,  I glance both ways and take two steps ahead. Away from the threads  that bind me, I push on  toward the verge.   Sleeves and wishes
Remembering the time when i wanted to get older, thought things would be a lot easier as I`ve seen grown ups do their own way.   As my height grows inch by inch, clothes I wear changed day by day.
Over time, “human” became a synonym for “flawed,”
For Hunter, Priscille, Any, Taylor, Clarissa, David, and Summer Bridge 2014  
          All I do is love you But look what you put me through You come home drunk, angry and swinging I cower in fear awaiting the stinging
So he got there this morning, saw no one, just her bed.  Which was curiously red. So he called up the detective, "Listen here," he said. She's missing, nowhere to be found.
Indeed imagination is inundated inside interminable ideas, Pouring purposes, poetry-pondering pages pertaining panegyric phrases, Entrapped, effortlessly entombed - ears eternally earning effrontery.
I am me I am not you. I am me. I am not he and I am not she. I am Jordan. I am me.   I am not a welcome mat. You can’t just walk all over me.
A rush enters like a veiling curtain Of cascading water; A vaporous fall, endlessly joining Aqueous substances below. Descending from a starlit heaven, How could my heart retain
Writing in free verse is something. The kind of something that one does not quite know what to think about.
  Gravity can pull me down all he wants,  but that will not stop me from reaching the sky.  The stars are mine to own, and the universe is my playground.  Earth is a test,
Rarely do the questions pass the ears in its rawest form Possibly to find its home shaken before it even decides to leave The mind, the signs, and the sighs of relief
I'm tryna be on an Eminem, Left Eye tip. 
A casual ray floating through the airIlluminating the deep caves of my sheetsPressing against my skin with delicate sincerityMurmuring to me to wake upAccompanied by the birds exquisite melodies
  Antonia We remember I remember Our childhood Had its pros and cons We’re adults now All grown up It’s crazy how time flies The few moments I spend with you now
Cry,  Scream,  Yell,  Shout,  Pull,  Tear,  Rip Out.      Close,  Darken,  Hide,  Shake,  Pull, 
You ignored me for Twelve straight hours And waited until one Minute After midnight To tell me you owed me an apology. I forgave you , of course; You knew I would.
You know that moment between t
Do not question convention
A moment of quiet peace
The mascot of Nintendo; And the greatest hero of all time. He loves jumping around; Grabbing Mushrooms and Fire Flowers; Stomping on Enemies; Exploring the Mushroom World;
Rambling, brambling, Preambling and meandering The blush rises through sunrise Diamonds flow like UFO beams on Shining luminescent rabbits. Shush. Can you hear that?
The dark blue
Paint my insides pretty.   My ugly parts are found objects.   Arrange me so that I make sense.   I don’t wan to be seen
I've learned many things In the eighteen years of my life, Many of them being rather disconcerting. Perhaps to you, But not so much to me.
Too many variables Too many scariables Too many choices I could make Too many paths that I could take
This: a whirling vicious cycle underneath
Words Are a powerful thing. Many can’t control it Many can’t comprehend the power words have on their lives, On other people’s lives. Words. One slip of the tongue,
To walk into a room, the walls adorned with art, poets words  are begging to fall into papers below.     This is what I want to do.    
we've all seen the movies, when the credits roll/ just a bunch of names that continually scroll/ but what if yours was up there? what would happen then? you would wait until you saw it, even if its at the end/
There once was a beautiful girl who was sheltered from the world. She lived her life in a cocoon, but she was no longer a caterpillar. Now she was a colorful butterfly with her wings spread high, ready to fly.
The Earth is our home
She slicked the red across her lips,
The world, It is endless. A plethora of mountains to climb, An infinite ocean of opportunity, No body of life the same, No equivalent day.   Sky full of wonder,
The mind is an insect, Bothersome, but auxiliary. Needed by all, hated by all, The source of all pain.   Heartbreak, obligation, personal development, All in one locality.
    When I Look In The Mirror
Resting my tiresome eyes, whilst not listening to whom has to speak; For I know what the truth is, yet no one sees as clear as the words that go unheard. These beings make no sounds, a voice box gone to waste;
Rising unemployment rates Keep me up at night I apply to many places, but when will they respond?
              Tattoo after “Slam, Dunk, & Hook”   The skin that I am in is my own, It is something that I could never loan. The bark on my bones, the shell on my back,
When it comes to life, things don't always go the way you want it. Plans and goals are written carefully, yet misfortune occurs and mess it all up. Living to the fullest
I brought you into this world I can take you out. These are familiar words that every black child hears when they act up The Father, our Father clenches his jaw and whispers these words into our ears
We all have those few people, those who suffer, those who can not fight back. Stand up. Stand up and make a change.
Thank you for caring.
If I could make a change, I would change American society. Society says we have to look, dress, act, talk,
It fed on the opinions of others It became alive that day in middle school,  when a boy called her a mean name He did not know then that she was already ashamed of who she was and who she had been  
Change is a powerful thing Sometimes it brings us joy And sometimes sorrow At times we do not see it affect us
Wrapped in a blanket I still shiver, And my hands freeze as I type in the snowy bright light, My head against the window pane.   I wonder what it feels like to feel anything But paralyzing frustration.
I live in a small world:
We are tired of being told no. Of being told "You can't do that" and "That career won't feed you"   STOP TELLING US NO,
Silence Do you hear it? That robust sound invading the canyon walls? Echoing and burying itself against and within the vast perimeters of its landscapes Do you hear it? That sound so aggressive and yet so
There’s a feeling I know. It feels like everything is crumbling around you or like walls are closing in and there’s no room to breathe or like no matter what you do nothing is right and it’s scary.
Is it when
Desperate measures call for desperate actions. That's all I knew. I sat crying in front of my sister, Hurting so badly I pleaded at her, Please just kill me. She looked at me sadly asking innocently.
i remember writingabout these girls,girls who heldtheir goodbyes closerto their lungs thanthe breaths that they used tospeak hello,the girls who had afive-finger discount on
I remember the yelling the screaming you caused her I remember objects being thrown and words being said I remember that last night that changed everything I remember seeing you walk out the door and didnt turn back
Concrete floors The claking never ends The constant barking in your floppy ears Sorry, Sunny That's just how it is   Three years to the day
A world of hope
  Love is a thing unseen.
Do you think they’ll notice? Do you think they’ll notice how I so carefully excuse myself before it’s time to eat? Or that when I do, before I’m done, I’m out of my seat, on my feet, into the bathroom
Before, when I entered a quiet room, there would be nothing for me to hear.   When I would reach the end
The silence that comes to my eyes when they are closed is one of which all other senses are jealous.   At night,
I live in the shadows to        let you soak up the sun. It looks better in your skin than mine. I let it go. (watched you slipped so rapidly) I'm moving along. I cannot hear the lovely ballad of songs
I think I have been awakened,
Stalking shadows watching, wondering.
Tell me a story,A story that never ends.
Quiet and Serene, At ease and peace, Nothing Else exists Theres a breeze blowing through the trees Music flowing through my ears And sound from my mouth   I am alone but calm Thinking flows deep
Looking into the eyes of a savage beastI see blood that boils beyond the breaking pointand beneath his feet are the brittle bonesof the ones he's put an painful slumber.
I still love her so much
Threads woven
The wind flows through the sky, with the plants that slowly die, as they help us and provide, the nutrients to survive. From the flies beneath our feet, to the plain and sandy heat,
Everyday in class I try to understand,Life's big picture that is so grand.To my English teacher,The curtains are black-blueBecause the author wants them to.This feeble talk of meaning has put me down under. 
I’m sorry if it’s strange, but I don’t feel right And it’s taken me a while to figure out why. Now it’s hit me, I know why I feel so undone. I’m just not fighting anymore.
Its time I give away the feeling that I've done wrong  I've been dealing with this feeling for so long Its time to say goodbye Its time for me to realize I will never be as loved as I loved you I have been shoved I am so unloved I am a fighter, bu
My life is an enigma My everymove, and thought is a riddle I am an unsolved puzzle I am an enigma I am a mystery but one day this riddle would be left in history.    
I admire the wide-eyed girl I blink in the presence of the innocent girl I watch as she sways and makes her way across the hall I like the way she smiles in the dark as the light shadows her everymove
I develop in the dark room I burn the black-and-white photo I destroy in careless motions I shrug in the thought of the bitter boy  
When my Great Grandmother was near death in the hospital I was curious to see what an old person's butt looks like, so I kept standing on my tippie toes to catch a see
I was an ass. I was shy but an ass. When I worked up the courage to talk, all this gross undeserved arrogance would spill out like: "I'm probably smarter than you."
Thoughts of her Dripping into my sternum From all the way up there In my brain Where she has implanted herself   Like an alien egg    
My favorite animal is  Homo sapiens sapiens   This mammal has it all It's cute It's smart It is easily house trained   It's so adaptable So good at long distance travel
A scientific mind-- Compartmentalized?   A messy mind-- spilling over the margins scrawling like worm tracks Human Mind   Studying the smallest possible parts of Living  
Incumbent Ideas the shapes the sounds Twisting in the folds of my cerebrum clenching digging poking wriggling grey matter white matter irritation Swelling with the shapes the sounds
Calculus Homework is Like some sort of poetry It expands somewhat in the middle Then is gradually, thouroughly Simplified until it is quite Manageable once Again
Doormat.    For others to wipe their feet on, and enter, clean, into new oppurtunity, new space to grow and explore and fill and freedom of dominance   Doormat.  
You--spill over margins, between lines lace ink with weakness--Your-- trembling fingers aching viscera cold sweats--pouring between shoulders, and flinching limbs--blood pumped by,
soft fur fat cat from twenty pounds to ten at twelve years old and still a fat cat in my mind with baggy skin who can't eat and softer fur protuding bones watery eyes
I think in differnet places.   Calculus is in the crinkled skin of my forehead and tight at the apex of my scalp   Marching is in my bones and meaty joints   Music is in my eyes and mouth
I am a fusion reactor Nearly boundless and consumed with heat   Futuristic   And the materials I collect combine inside me And become more   More energetic More useful  
You have to become a surgeon to find the pieces of nonconformity which they have hidden internally
Sweet lost silly Puerile Poetry I make because I am so young and Pathetically infatuated 
Soul and Rip it up Playing with words Pleasurable arrangement Perfect asymmetrical Syllables Nonmusical New modern Poetry bullshit
A nostalgic lust—a crush. I had it for some body.   Something about their sitting near Probably the pheromones and molecules of shampoo That I breathed Was actuating Of a lurching in me
I hate you dad It’s not personal though
Anxiously I turn the pages   the fuzzy edged pages of my old notebook impatient to see to taste my own words again to make sure each composition was as good as I had left it
You are just a fleck of foam floating on a frothing sea of father’s fickle fury. Your feet are flayed to fresh flesh and you have long since fallen to the final floor. The fleeting fire of your failing eyes flashes
You need bandaging You want to be bent into four and bundled into quilted blankets To be with yourself and build up a burning heat To sweat out the beast’s waste
they criticize at me. saying I am lazy and don't deserve to have a second chance. "you should have done the work I assigned" but they're not there for when the fights get too much
  It is freedom and life  It’s words are angels they could save you the love seeps through. The words might be weapons they can pierce your heart  the blood gushes out.  
You said you wished the stars were red,so I pulled them down one by oneand painted them by hand,for you.
you shadow me with dissonancehaunting lingerlong, slender fingerpointing, trapping the night.i stop, you starebringing a world (a universe) of fright.hunger, beware,off in the distance,
Confessions themselves cannot be penalized, and kind words cannot be thanked.    If I was asked why I write, I would not tell. I would write about it. Writing itself is immune, immortal--
I don’t feel you anymore Numb to spine shaking vibratos Your crescendos don’t stretch my rib cage like they used to   My dearest piano, you were the only friend that never stopped listening
You are my best friend, a great brother, a great person. I look up to you, my hero. What happens if you come back and you don't care about me the same?
  What is this, that falls from my face This wetness. This pain. This glory. This confusion. This worry. This scariness.
After my master moved away- I saw some boys come out to play they played a game with balls and bats- and blood and bones and yowling cats I ran away from them an alleyway, so dark and cold
I am me, untamed; am I untranslatable? No, not yet;anyone who has come to go or has yet to, why then question our differences too,then leave it be or take it otherwise!
(Curtain rises on an empty stage)                                                                       -Act 1, Scene 1-"Action!" Hello, I have something to say before I sleep below.
What is it about a fire escape? A rusty, old fire escape attached to a building that has seen many years, many faces... What is it about a place to sit that looks out over a small world...
Ten I tell you of your sin Nine The anguish of your Eyes Eight Its the thing God hates Seven That No good girls go to Heaven Six Because no good girls exist. Five
The American Dream Isn't that what we're all looking for?
I sigh in wet clouds stumbling, shedding rain from my tongue and snowflakes from my teeth. Storms slip, rings from my lips: my churning kisses to the earth.
Silent tears fall streaming down my face rushing over your shoulder and breaking at you from within. You watched the pain in my eyes my voice and my body
You were once and still are my everything The way you used to hold my hand when the world was caving in, Reminding me that everything would soon be alright.
Listening to Beethoven’s 9th, Hear the music dance, Rise and the fall, Stories he had to tell, Losing his hearing, Struggles he went through, Pain he felt. I know his pain. I am not deaf,
I drew a picture of my heart once and when I smeared the lines between what's real and what's a lie I saw your face somewhere in the middle I'm sure it's just a coincidence but maybe I'm wrong
And this is the way I walk The hallow faces of the student shells. They were once human, just as I. The taps of sneakers, heels, and flats We are all locked in, by our own free will.
There was a man, like you and me, who born at birth could not see. His clothes were worn, his hair a mess, laid on the dirt when time to rest. His food came from a coin plate that he would beg with night and day.
Corruption is the ever enduring mark of Humanity. Poisoning the populace with Cain's face for so long we think it is beautiful.
We're afraid to recognize the faults So life goes on with its deadly assaults Getting harder and harder everyday, but suddenly it halts Because sooner or later we unlock all the vaults Then sense pours out
Sometimes I feel blind, like I cannot see But the world sees him, and also sees her The world ignores me, and never sees me But the world shields them, while I remain blurred.
They say i'm way too young To find the man that is the one If i dont find him i'm going to burst That is why i put my God first
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