The Mind

The mind is an insect,

Bothersome, but auxiliary.

Needed by all, hated by all,

The source of all pain.


Heartbreak, obligation, personal development,

All in one locality.

It is the most vexatious pest,

Scaring away peace, sleep, and happiness.


The ones who allow themselves to become the predator,

Will suffer, until they learn how to fight it.

Until they learn how to palliate the noxious venom,

The virus that arouses misery will submerge them.


The contagion should be maintained,

Or it will consume the rest of the body.

The most evil of all demons,

The insect will inundate the lives of the most gratified individuals.


It will kill, in the most disturbing, the most oblique way,

So find peace with it, for it will never flee.

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