Can You Bullshit a Bullshitter?



Echos in the winter hit cold and slap back


That is what I wanted, I chucked... I wanted it all

My crown and cane..

Come please, let us go..come now.. to my throne... 

My magic carpet will take us there

let us and those of you...

see what it can do!

Triple hit it, paper to tongue and then out my body..

What happened when the siren laden beats hammered to silence?

What's wise, sometimes summises as a disguise...

The pulse and groove, the nightward glare

A trick or two, but not from these baby blues

Pupils like pocket change, flip a quarter,

homie it's tales, oh you know ... 

Runnin round as some castaways

People still do this like some kind of yesteryear?

Seems like something in movies based in Seattle, back in the 90s...

Hah! You saw that too?

Leapin puddles to and from those alley ways, 

the light always gets me hit

like that ongoing train that meets me in the deep

I want what that light has.. Its something I deserve,

and it needs to be true... I love the way you look around the glow

So beautiful... strike a pose...

Tell me a secret and I will tell none...

It is a spark you see, that light up there from flip flap a match

Fizzle pop, pop, snap... 

Even in the pouring rain it shines and I hear drop drop drop

I know where I will be to no ends...

Under the rooftop in that metal shop...

I will be far away from all those one stop cocks...

Rhythm not clouded, stifled, nor bare

Im mid way and upwards

Allz I ask is for you to meet me there

its just halfway...

You can trap that fly later

or stand there lookin like some lame ass boss...

I'm all etched up

New found to die for...

I like how you wear that well

I be lookin for that super bumpin' hat, but all that is there is a shadow of the sun

No signs of life or those post modern riffs..

I can see all the flyaways, dirty trash that's been thrashed, dusty roads and full canals spilling over... 

It's always getting late and

Verman as traverlers...

Lord knows they much bolder than I!

For shits sake pack a fuckin suitcase!

Im not runnin this roach motel...!

I smiled when I was relieved of this

but now it crept in again

your heart slipped from my hands

late nights alone in some parlor

another begger...

Oh please just one more night

Always in some squaller.

Don't you worry though

I dont bother

not for a dolla,

not even for some water...



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