Infinite Blanket

Threads woven

Some thick,

Some firm,

Some thin,

Some weak,

Some broken,

An unending blanket


Parts of beauty,

Parts of hidiousness,

Threads with love,

Threads with blood,

Patterns of war,

Patterns of peace,

Sections Silky,

Sections of soft,

Sections rough,

Sections wooly,

It all comes to fit,

Perfectly Together,

At some point,

or another.


Such as life,

It weaves continuosly,

as one thread breaks

Another one begins.






I wrote this poem beginning as an experiment. A teacher of mine saw me writing in a different note book when i should have been paying attention, called me up at the end of class and asked to see what i had been working on instead of paying attention. Being a good student i showed her and she loved it. The next day i was asked to share it with the class and it "hit home" with a lot of the other students. Sharing this is a way i express how i see life. But also it shows how there is beauty and ugly in the world.

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