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It's a long shot Some David and Goliath shit If Goliath were a whole damn city And everyone bet on David losing And David showed up to the fight refusing     But I'll do it
Joyous angels an entire night spent,singing with flutes they ceased to relent.Shepherds lowly pitch their dusty tent.A story indeed reminiscentof ageless advents when we all went
Who could have known that dimpled elbows and clumsy steps would birth wonderment. 
This is to the dreamers  To the star crossed lovers to the ex-bestfriends And the hopeless wonders  This is to the sleepless nights 
Tiny Humans Running, jumping, climbing. Taking in the world. Drinking it up Like dry deserts in the rainy season.
The sounds of joy during the holidays The warm climate, nothing like the cold december i know Music bounces from walls to walls Kids laughter laced with nothing but joy They who don't know what a christmas dinner is What christmas presents are or
We are still the children painting pictures to hang on the fridge, but now it's too late to start over. Too late to pick a different color. Every stroke is a different future and every drop a different reality.
Waking up, thinking about back in the day. The kids got up, went outside to play. Things was groovy, hey. Until everything started to change. The world suddenly got rearraged. The people really went deranged.
1.24.15 I won't make you promises, I won't tell you lies, Most of the time One of us cries. One cries for love, One cries for food, One cries because They're in a bad mood.
Dasher, Dancer, Smoke a pack Prancer, cancer Hit the sack. One day you'll wake And realize you Need to stop For their sake, too.
When all of the children are fast asleep, & Mama's had all the Trouble she can keep, No reading gets done For this weary woman, It's off to dreamland For this worn-out woman.
The Turning Point                                By: Rocco La Tour                                                                                                                                
There is a song that I was forced to hear The voices were often lined with not love, but neither hate This song is known far and near This song was never recieved with much love, but neither hate  
When I saw the world differently from a kid; when I realized how it was when we were kids. When we were kids we had no concept of time; time did not exist. When we were kids we did not have to pay each other to play.
This Kid   I look out the window and see blue sky Picking up bugs and chasing butterflies The days are long with play, naps and laughing This kid is just beginning  
Benny’s Biography By: Alexis Seith   im a kind and carefreey kiddo, and my name is benny hyde. im sory for my speling but, you see, im only 5. my brother-he’s in first grade
I bounded down the stairs devoid of a single care. School was out and it was time to have fun. I peaked out the window to see pairs of girls with flowing hair and kids like me soaking up the sun. 
Sixth grade, middle school,/
weird kidscool kidscrazy kidsgang kids of all of thatwe are all still kids
The Conscience of America   Little kids are like the conscience of America.  
As people, we’re always judgmental Some of us pick on others Until that person is dismantled I hate that this is a dog eat dog world Where is the positivity for the boys and girls?
M&Ms; and 7upHershey's barReese's Peanut Butter CupSnickers and a drink of Mountain DewThere are three flavors of Charleston ChewTwix; Twin BingSalted Nut Roll is kingI really could eat them after / with anything Breakfast, lunch, dinner and  
Being small was never a problem. It meant Max could crawl into small spaces,. And being last in class to lose his first baby tooth, Was also never a problem--
Our grandparents had given me ten dollars as my late fourteenth birthday present; my little sister and I made the mile-long treck down to the corner store. "...even though we're not even supposed to be 
  (Sing to the tune of B-I-N-G-O by Scout Songs)   There was a farmer, he had some food, and pizza was it’s name-o. P-I-Z-Z-A
Kids divagate Because they don't know direction of life   Young-adults developed To find the direction of life   Adult discharge Because they know the direction of life
Let me be honest, I can’t really express it, and I don’t know how I should break it down *Sigh* But ‘cause of you and the things you did, I’m happy you’re not around
  What's is wrong with you ...You look depressed.Like your continuously  searching for love.But just can't quite find it.You're  looking so  hard tho.So hard that you overlooked the 4 that actually love you the most for the woman you lust. I know
[(I was 15 at the time I wrote this.)]   Because I'm not like you, you fear me, you hate me, you torture me. I refuse to be like you. I fear you, I hate you, I run from you.
  I listen to the Lord, every single night I bow my head and pray to you oh Lord. I wish to be closer to you God. Like my garden angel, that hugs me so warmly.  
After all the noise. The sounds, the television The lights. The things I use to block out my mind. There is a calm. Here in this house, my parents house. For all intense and purposes a museum.
  Kids come in like snow on a winter’s day All their smiles just light up my day They come inside to run and play
I am a child born into the space Forced to live a life style without escape Following what I am told to do and not to do Social expectations on what’s jank and what’s cool
The neverending chorus of shrieks Pierced my ears Left a headache The worst hour of the week.   The crying was worse Caused by anything
Finally we’ve reached twenty seventeen, And it’s time to reflect on last year’s scene. Once upon a time there was a broke girl Who decided she should give a job a whirl. She applied and interviewed high and low,
As I watch, a dragon breathes fire, and the town crumbles in the wind. A battle in the sky, forever gone on but never won.   A child with a kite, with the breeze,
i'm from the top of the mountain close to the sky where the men don’t yell and the kids don’t cry where the clouds taste sweet
Alarms ring, four totalBegin to peel the covers, the warmth, awayChilled feet push up the stairsDrag the boy from his dreams
I get up every day for my kids, my twenty-five kids.  I get up to see their ah-has! Their lightbulb. I get up to protect them and provide for them, when they have to protect and provide for their siblings. 
When I was seven years old In my mathematics class Measurement setting in dread Forty kilograms is the answer   I don’t remember the lesson I learnt
Brownies     "Brownies" was the topic, she gave to me that day. T’was difficult to ponder a poem to start that way
COOKIES   Cookies are my favorite stuff But making them can be really rough. You mix the flour, and make the dough; It takes an hour, which goes... so... slow.  
  elbows Would you like to eat some elbows, in the summertime? The story’s told that pepper and salt makes them taste real fine.   They say to munch them on the left
Erica and Carlos, a couple in love. The day they become the Morales, a moment of pure bliss. Vows are exchanged, the air occupied by doves. Rings that symbolize a love, care, and admiration, it all sealed with a kiss.
The man walked across the street and picked up a can out of a recycling bin. He placed the can in a plastic bag in his shopping cart. It was dark out. He had a long white beard.  
So fortunate we are To have the news at our fingertips At every moment. Each event in the world Is broadcast in seconds, The good and the bad, But mostly the bad.  
It's not a special book, like the ones you see on TV,  but it's mine and it means a lot to me.    It doesn't have sparkles on the cover, like the ones the pretty girls have,
I met a boy on the outskirts of campus, playing a game of frisbee.   his eyes shined like oceans shimmering in the very depths of the beauty in  the place mermaids call home.  
Mother. a privilege bestowed upon a woman. Father; a privilege bestowed upon a man.  But some men and women see this as a burden. Abortions are rampant and fathers are absent. 
Here's to all the kids who make it through the end of the day and wake up for the next one  even though all they really want to do  is stay  and hide away.  
Of Kids & Nations   A little boy was asked To try to surpass The kid in front of him.
Painful infatuation    The only escape is    Transcendence of the human situation   Finding love, illusory promises of elation  
1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi, 4 mississippi, 5 mississippi. I just wasted 5 seconds of my life. 6 mississippi, 7 mississippi, 8 mississippi, 9 mississippi, 10 mississippi.
One time, I said I was anxious. My uncle laughed at me and told me I had nothing to be anxious about. Family.   One time, when my mom found out I was gay,
Notice all the old folks, hear them say What happened to the kids nowadays? Sitting on their ass, shorts way too high Lying, cheating with pants down to their thighs This is the age of the young, wild, and free
Sideways glancesSmirksSnickers behind binders But they don’t knowThey don’t know what she’s been throughThey wouldn’t do this if they knew
children are innocent until they're introduced into this society and all the pain takes their innocence the insolence and villainous  these young kids, they have such vigilance
Stop it I'm sorry kids But yes, There's no afterlife And we will die You wonder why I did this Melted ice caps and Starved kids As if Because I know  I can tell you 
The morn is still The sun drags on, weary across the brightening sky. Elsewhere, the harsh cock crow Can be heard from the ruby chanticleer.   A boy's face is still and calm
Like a mama goose and her crew My boys and I walk through  A door that's painted green.   My three little tikes Their growing up - YIKES! Are five, seven and seven.   
i wake up in the mornings with a smile on my face that is suddenly erased the moment i step foot onto my school campus the people that surround me couldnt give a damn about me
When you ask “How was camp this year?” my mind freezes. 
I am fifteen And my hair is nice and long I still have the curls And my love is not so strong
Why you felt more confindent harassing me alone? You called us friends, because you thought it was funny to see me crumble. I only smiled because mouth had malfunction and fail to say STOP!
Have you ever felt that hollowness inside, That feeling that no one understands you? After hearing of emos and man-periods, The really not serious descriptions of depression,
Time Is The Only Thing You Cant Get Back Time And Time Again Your Losing One Sec By The Time You Open Your Eyes By The Time You Catch Breath Your Time Line Has Started With Your Life Line Set.
I don’t want kids. The Smiles that are oblivious to pain, The Laughter that can break the most awkward of silences, The Unconditional love in their sleepy eyes as you rock them to sleep grateful to be close to you.
I woke up today,
Mom Cant Stop Crying Father Continues Trying Children Are Hurt Most
our makeup grows thicker and thicker as the love for ourselves wears thin villing our voids left by heart ache and pain with eyeliner and liquid skin.    
I do not speak loud
They say home is where the heart is My heart has always been with me Until that day Until that moment
How can you tell me to act my age when you treat me like a little kid?
A child goes out to play And stops to think about the day He doesn’t really see The effects of the rain
Ever since I was young, I wasn't sure what life was about. Sometimes I'd sit in my room and pout. As I was growing up, I didn't have much friends. I grew up on a farm full of hens. After grade 8, I started online schooling.
We are not just kids on stage. 
The kids on the street Have something to eat With a warm fluffy bed To cradle their head.   A nice little home With no reason to moan And a doll in her hand That she calls Little Joan.
Ode to the Juvies, 
My mother of Resolution A mother of hope A listener of wisdom My detective of crime Understanding of all imperfections   Loving, caring, compassionate
Ive always had such a passion for little kids seeing them running around and laughing. The joy of them has always put a smile on my face their smiles make me feel a warm fuzzy feeling.
Music is my only aspiration
There are many things wrong And many things right. So much confusion. So little light. How many times  Must we face a disaster? The lights keep on fading. And there is no real "master".
Dear Santa,
What’s up with these kids in schools Why do they think it’s ok To run around toting guns And slaying in the hallways   What makes them think they’ve got the right To take someone’s life
It wraps me up like a blanket And i dont want to let go I think it's keeping me warm But in reality, it's the reason im cold I seek warmth like a fly seeks light
Pain I feel it taking over me inside The cries, the struggles The pain that needs to be set free Why did you hurt me? Why must I feel the way I do because of you So many questions gone unanswered
Loving caresses Following me endlessly  Appreciation
  They look at the two differently Judging, favoring The first, they feel, deserves a ten He was strong, persuasive, and smooth The second, they discuss, deserves a six She was bossy, pushy, and vain
Can we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It's not all black and white but a mixture,  of black and whites and Asians and Latino. Straight or not, we act like we know.
Education has become a joke Kids are falling behind because no child left behind is blowing smoke...   Up in flames, Burning! I wish that was the smell of brains working.
Those donation boxes for the local animal shelter, school supplies, coats for the winter, clothes for the homeless, would be filled to the brim. Overflowing with fabric, food, pencils, cans,
I love my kids.... Wouldn't trade them for the world. I hate to think though if I had just waited. What if I would have done it the right way? Wouldn't dare say traditional because my situation seems to be the new tradition.
One day when we were young Owen asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “I don’t know,” I said. “I want to be an astronaut. It’d be so cool to go into outer space
Floating through an abyss of tears and fears. Do they notice me? Can they help wipe the errors? Dancing, twirling; I scream to be free. One day they will see, it was me they always needed.
In a swarm of scattered souls Lie traveling whispers in our ears And yet the decent one stands alone over there   And even from afar the whispers were clear Whispers shouldn’t be that loud
Teaching and helping Opening doors for the kids Of our bright future    
A child. A wonderful miracle to still be alive. All alone inside a box on a street; The umbilical cord still attached. A small child left alone; a small child abandoned.
I love baseball, it is my holy grail. On the field 9 fearsome warriors ready to battle.
A young girl plays in the warm sunlight. Tag, you're it. Running, Laughing, Living. Hours pass. Like all children, the girl in the lavender dress is restless. Dusk.
This child jumping around with a smile on her face, naked. Not only is she naked of clothes but naked of the harshness of reality.
eye lids pop open, body in gulped in pain, oozing in red liquid, fear pumping through her blood stream, strength sprung from the gods above, power to take control of her destiny,
Often times, kids think they're smart talking back to some "old fart". One thing they don't know is that this "old fart" once wore a backwards hat. He was cool once, too-- Just like me, and just like you.
You see that blonde-haired boy sitting over there? Trying to concentrate on his work, Hoping its correct... He runs gracefully on the soccer field. The boy is 12 years old and in 6th grade. He doesn't care...
Eyes in a haze Rotund stomachs, child’s play Smooth lawn, shaded concrete- taut, cool Here I man my wagon   Tears erupt to greet the wind Hairs along my cheek Tongue on the edge of wet lips
There was small wooden houseAt the edge of the greenIt was there, yet it wasn’tFor it never was seen Save by two little laddiesWho came by the wayAnd traipsed ‘long the pathwayOne crisp autumn day
Worlds grow, Budding behind unfiltered eyes,                 Breaking from tradition. Christened creativity, In actuality,                 Unrealized forms of magic. The potential,
The time a capri sun lasted and hour and you hated taking shower. those days are now gone, no matter how much you hold on. you'd sprint as fast as you could just to catch that ice cream man.
Kids in love pluck flowers Kids in doubt pluck their petals He loves me, he loves me not A 50% chance of finding love But all you have to do is find a flower With an odd amount of petals
Mugging bubblegum Left step Right step into a bodega Barely standing at four feet tall Waiting for the old man to rush me Hoping for him to give him something free Old man glances at a new customer
The creaky, half-snapped sidewalk chalk talks out the problems of my lonesome childhood. My thickly-marked, Fruit-Loop colorings and blurred characters console me about my constant house-swapping because
Do you know? That little people grow. I was never told, For no one was so bold, Of those among my foe.
Sleep my little girl, Drift into a spacious world. Fly with your wings above the sky, Sleep your little curious eyes. Follow your heart and let it be, 'Cause everything will be a surprise.
A bird taking flight Is what I will feel A string on me tightly None to my appeal My thoughts blow me away From true friends to miss I feel I’m halfway Gone from the great kiss
Good luck at college My friends you will always be May life bring you smile
I had a small, rich and happy family. There was my dad Harry, my mom Wendy, me and my little sister Mei. Back then, we were fine. Mom and Dad had no problems during that time.
Walking side by side with that guy Trees and grass not lively green Signs way up high in the sky It blistered in my dream
For all the heartbroken teenage poets whose hearts are filled with unspoken rhymes, for the lovelorn adolescent authors whose beloved words are spoken out of time,
This is for the kids with twists of blue weaved into their locks of hair holes stretching the canvases of their ears and a meager, melancholy smile upon their faces. These are the ones who are stricken down
“Life sucks. Then you die.” Said a father to his son The father was bored at the son’s baseball game The father never came to another one Only one vacation to the shore
On a beautiful spring day, a child was born. The whole family gathered ‘round at the sight of the baby, so adorn.
People want EVERYTHING you have but fail to realize there was a time you had NOTHING. All they see are the good days that go so well, they always seem to miss the days everything fail.
Dark light brightens my path of instability, I see something that is not there, Empty heart pumps rage trough your head, As destiny hints a smell of fertility, There is no point anywhere,
I want a Son I want to witness my baby boy’s birth. I want to show him his promise, his worth.
I am from pool parties and barbecues Summer nights skipping rocks at the river. I am from fireworks and sparklers, Scrapes knees and bug bites. I am from sunshine and smiles, Ice cream and water fights.
What can I do? They say you're just a kid You can't do anything about This sounds like a direct Challenge me and I'll show you what We can do? A lot if we want it, we can Get it? Yes, we can! Kids are
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