Mother Nature's Time


Floating through an abyss of tears and fears.

Do they notice me? Can they help wipe the errors?

Dancing, twirling; I scream to be free.

One day they will see, it was me they always needed.

The beauty I create is vast and impossible to surpass.

Yet so many rush by, too many to count;

With every dusk and dawn, part of me dies and is reborn.

Yet I feel neither life nor death by morn’

My melody I hum, whispering my love and scorn.

My children are lost in this world of fortune and fame.

As the dollar blinds them from their own mother’s strife;

Yet I keep dancing and singing to try and brighten their life.

No saving nets to brace me for my inevitable fall

I continue dancing; a mother’s love has no end or rules.

Disappearing to Father Time I am reborn the next day.

Is this my punishment for not being a better mother?

I yearn for their attention. I hope and pray they notice.

Make the changes, your elders could not see.

But Father Time doesn’t reverse the clock, not even for his own.

It is up to my children to place this lock.

Even in my decline, I will dance as I go down.

Twirling, I wonder, “Can I hide my earthly frown?”

It is up to my children to save the day.

It is up to my children to find the way.

I pray they will save us from the paths that were paved.

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