The Shoes Don't Fit

I bounded down the stairs devoid of a single care.

School was out and it was time to have fun.

I peaked out the window to see pairs of girls with flowing hair

and kids like me soaking up the sun. 

My mom was rushing me out the door

and I was excited but confused, 

my shoes didn't fit anymore.


My mother looked down at me,

her hair taught in a bun and face painted. 

She instructed me to change immediately 

and my happiness became tainted.

My sneakers barely fit over my toes 

and she threw heels my way instead 

with a face that expressed her woes.


Summer is different now,

exchanging bare feet for flats.

As I furrow my brow 

I realize the workplace doesn't accept childish brats.

My mother sighs with pride and a tinge of sadness,

this job is a major step

and with this opportunity I've welcomed a life filled with madness. 

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