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Dear Brother,   Now I don’t mean to be misperceived, because I’m white and you are black, it’s something we all can see.
  Dear PVT Ry,   My love, there is a story that needs to be told, Of a boy and a girl, ever so young. The day they met was absolute fate,
Dear Granddaughters,  The only constant we consistently count on is change  Life is like a topographical map  On the surface the ups and downs seem smooth But when your soul walks the uphills they bend and curve
Dear brain, I miss what we used to have. Please tell me what went wrong?
Dear Life,   Our relationship has been rocky, to say the least.   I hope you're well. As a matter of fact, I know you're well. But you weren't for a while there.
Dear Mommy,I'm sorry I ran all your boyfriends away, and completely disregarded your feelings.
To my dearest friend,   I love you. But I want to live my life.   Sometimes I hate being stuck in this place. It’s dark.
There’s so much I never told you, I have a stack of cheesy rom-com like  letters filled with emotions and feelings I could never fully express. How much I wanted to be more than friends
Dear Grandma Suzie, You have changed me for the better, you taught me to test my limits. You have changed me for the greater, you said make the most of every minute.
Dear Favorite Pen, You sit quietly over carefully lined pages Resting gentle in my loose grip Point hovering just above the first blue line Your ink begging to be released
Dear Mother, Do you see me now? Sitting in front of you, smiling, seething? Mother, do you see how angry I am? Do you see the anger you gave me,
Dear Use-To-Be-Friend,   I thought we would be together until the end, But our friendship had ended in a bend.   You went one way, I went another.   I found out how toxic it was
And then, would you not Believe that the next thing Carla said to me that Day completely, and I mean Entirely, disintegrated my Feelings. What kind of Grossly cold- Hearted woman
you're trying to hide in the snow but its not working so you're getting mad and you're cursing but no one’s there and
To Whom I Loved,   I extend to you now the tendrils of memory that so often slip between my thoughts, those sentiments I alone harbor and suppress,
Dear Older Me,   I hope you’ve figured this out by now. Taxes Bills Debt Food Fun Love Hate Sex Have you figured it out yet?  
Dear Oblivious, I hate how close you sit next to me I hate your knee brushing mine I hate the way you cat-called me when I was eleven I hate the way you asked to buy my body when I was twelve
Autoimmune By Jillian Horton   Lovely Tulips, I’m so grateful you’ve come to join me, In this land of dirtmuddust, Texas weather and tea.
Dear Dad, You were my most influential teacher I learned when I was six When given a choice between A glass bottle and your daughter's hand
Dear twins, One of you used me  The other confused me   He took advantage She left me at a disadvantage   They say twins have a lot in common
Dear, Lady Who Told Me to "Get it Together"   Nobody tells you how sharp it feels, like a chord snapping and curling up on the e-string of a violin, how it means walking on the eggshells 
Dear Grandma,   Over there, I feel the heat of your kisses spreading, Forming a path from the side of my forehead to the crevice of my neck Claiming me yours, claiming you mines.
Dear Anxiety,   You seem to prevent me from taking a breath that’s more than a gasp. Oh God My breathing.
Dear me of the future... I hope this finds you well, I'm unfamilair with poetry meter can't you tell?
Dear potential lover, You try to let me down easy. But each time I find myself  falling harder than the last. Do you know how much it hurts when you push me away?  I feel unwanted. 
For Sasha,   Keeping secrets can kill you Will kill you But not me Sasha held all of mine Watched over by people who grow
Dear Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, You, the bane of my existence, the pain that has persistence, no matter how I try there's no way I can outdistance you.
Dear Death,    You wait patiently, As I stumble through life, Intoxicate myself with my thoughts, and questions, You wait-- because I'm waiting, for answers of my own,
Dear Ordinary Introvert, Whoever you may be. I understand the world's a scary place, As far as the eye can see.   It's hard to take the first step. To turn the handle on the door.
Dear Friend, That is no longer a friend, I truly wish you well.   I agree it's hard To walk past you And to know we have grown apart.   We have our memories
To whom it may concern,   In my journey of life, I've been battling with grief, In a war where no one is defeated. When I was fourteen, Death took away my grandma.
Dear Mom, How are you and how are my sisters? I know I could always call and get direct answers, But I wanted to write because it's a joy of mine.   I've been thinking of you quite often this past semester,
Dear Son, Pregnant I was 18, scared and all alone I had so many thoughts and questions Racing through my mind Would I be a good mom? Was I ready? What if I can’t do this?
A mother hatred for a child is like a gunshot to the heart. A father absence is like a never ending nightmare. A grandmother dying wish is like having your soul be taking away from you from God himself.
Dear Chester Bennington,  You are the one who changed rock music. You revolutionized it forever.  You were so young when you left the world. You were the one who got me into music.
Hey little girl, Deep down inside. Don't you know loving kills? Makes you vulnerable, you can't hide I agreed at first because of the thrill.
High School - best years of my life said by many  oh, how wrong they were about half of it Senior year used up my very last penny I thought this exhausting year would be lit
Dearest me,I start this letterWith you 
Dear Heaven, I am merely a stranger in search of a home Your customs are rather unusual Those of which I am willing to assimilate Stories of your angels have been told in my land for ages
Laura Weidemann November 30th 2017 Prompt-Write a letter as your future self to yourself now.  To Younger self in 2017,
Dear The Shower,  “Don’t touch my stuff!” she yells “It’s my turn for the T.V.” he tells I’ve learned to share, compromise but with you can I be selfish, greedy
Dear Insecurities, You are a force that I cannot reckon with, You have sat there and broke me until there was nothing left but dust, Left me empty with nothing but a hole inside of me,
Dear Fake Friends,   I guess I can tell you now That my heart beat with your blood.  It never ceased  Not even a hint Of stopping.  It would be faster  Never slower
Dear Life Problems,    Why don't you understand? I want to be me!  But, why do you try to take over my life? You don't understand. It's gone too far! It stops here, now! You cross the line.
To the air that I breathe, Some times it is so hard to find you. Some times the water on which I thrive, Fills my lungs and relinquishes all traces of your existence. I don't blame the water though,
Dear Friend You'll probably never read These words I sew. You'll probably never see All I do for you. I don't want you to. I don't want you to worry about if I'll be okay to sleep
Dear-heart,  There is so much that I would tell you,                                         Yet so much that I cannot You know I love my words, 
Dear Future Me,   If you are reading this letter, That means you are in your early twenties. Fresh out of college And eager to start your journey into the world.
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