Note to self;

To the air that I breathe,

Some times it is so hard to find you.

Some times the water on which I thrive,

Fills my lungs and relinquishes all traces of your existence.

I don't blame the water though,

Nor do I hate it.

As a matter of fact,

I am in love with the water that suffocates me.

Dear oxygen,

I haven't felt a breath of fresh air in so long.

I miss you.


To the Earth that surrounds me,

You truly are so beautiful.

You are kind and forgiving

And you are fierce and powerful.

There are many who love you,

Many who wish to protect you.

There are also many who ignore you,

Ignore your cries for help.

Dear Earth,

I am sorry.


To the child I used to know,

Are you still alive?

I haven't seen you in some time,

In truth I may be avoiding you.

I'm so scared that I have disappointed you.

Have I?

Have I let you down?

I hope that you're still in there,

Still somewhere in my soul.

If you can hear me,

I'd really like to hear from you.

Dear child,

Come back.


And finally..

To the person I will become,

I'm very worried for you.

The world is growing darker,


More cruel and punishing.

We have so many dreams,

So many goals and ambitions.

We'll get there some day,

I know that we will.

Dear future,

Be strong, okay?


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