Wounds deeper love itself

A mother hatred for a child is like a gunshot to the heart.
A father absence is like a never ending nightmare. A grandmother dying wish is like having your soul be taking away from you from God himself.

All these things is what made a teenager girl wanted death more then life itself, because life is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth. There's no happy endings, there's no joyful moment, there's no " happy after " Bullshit books tell you about. No, there just wounds that cover up most of your body body. A broken heart filled with despair after learning her mother doesn't want her. Abortion. The moment the mother realize she was pregnant with a baby girl.

A father empty promises to always be there had her questioning whether love really exist. A damage soul that even God can't keep. I was told that I was beautiful, but how can that be when a girl covered in scars?

I was told that I was strong!! But how can that be when I was collapsed on the floor, screaming out God's name asking why? I was told that I highly intelligent, but can that be when I was making the same mistakes over and over and all over again? They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, but the last time the young girl brother to look within her eyes is when her mother snapped her across her face leaving a dark bluish bruise surrounding her once cheerful eyes.

The moment she heard her mother calling her a stupid bitch! She had enough, she pick up her pen writing them in red ink, making them real. Her last goodbye was a suicide note.

Her words was crumble and small but both strong and powerful. Strong because she said the things that she will never say in front of her once beloved mother, or the father that never time for his only daughter. Not even knowing that God was calling her home, after seeing that she had enough of the world he had created. What God saw was the dried blood faded on the floor, rip bloody clothes filled of a scent of an decompose body of a once beloved daughter.

Like the iron Maya Angelou once said " I am a phenomenal woman lost the battle between life and death. She chooses death at the end of her own rainbow, in forever rest in peace.

This poem is about: 
My family


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