Dear Fake Friends,

Mon, 11/27/2017 - 23:48 -- stesut

Dear Fake Friends,


I guess I can tell you now

That my heart beat with your blood. 

It never ceased 

Not even a hint

Of stopping. 

It would be faster 

Never slower

Until you ripped it out of me.

You drained me dry.

Took all your blood back

And left me crying 

On the floor

In the corner 

Of a dark room everyone forgot about.


I’ve had six mental breakdowns over you

In just one hour.

I’ve cried over the memories

You forget we share.

I stare longingly

At your car as I leave school early

Unable to bear

The glances you don’t catch

And the words you don’t hear. 


All I am to you

Is another stepping stone. 

One after the other

To help you with your goal.

Pay no mind to me,

You never did anyway,

I’ll be here waiting 

If only you needed me.

But I know I’m not your friend

I don’t even come close

The dirt on the ground

Has more hold on your heart

Than I could ever dream of. 

I tried

And I tried

And tried again.

Over and over

I tried to pretend 

That I meant anything at all

To the popular group.

One after the other

I followed suit.

I just wanted

To be like you. 


It’s okay now, I guess,

You taught me a lesson.

Always look

At where you’re headin’.

For now I see

The snake in the grass bit me

Two years ago

But you were pretty and popular

I just didn’t feel. 

And now that the poison 

Is slowly killing me

You turn away and run

When the knife’s buried deep.


Plunged into my back

Without a second thought

A stepping stone to you

Not worth a single thought. 

But unlucky for you

You’re not the first to use me

And you won’t be the last.

My heart’s too big

To have it shatter like glass. 

So you might have used me this time

But never again

You can only break

The mirror once. 

I see myself clearly

As I always have

Caring and kind

Wanting you to be happy.


What do you see,

In scattered glass?



Yours truly,

     An unnamed stepping stone

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This is amazing! <3

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