Letter to Younger Self

Laura Weidemann

November 30th 2017


Prompt-Write a letter as your future self to yourself now.


To Younger self in 2017,

With the love from my heart,

I am an essence, holding fast to compassion like roots to the ground. I am a child of the sun. Power is found like the energy of lightning bolts. It flows through me and I am power. In me and in all things is infinite energy that casts away deprivation. Peace begins with me, peace begins with you. You are a powerful, compassionate essence that impacts more than you know. To holdfast to the teachings I have taught, I’ve written some down that I believe will guide you as you move on.

Everything that surrounds you and is in you has energy. The food in your body are energy. Fuel your system with wholesome, energy-rich, rainbow colored foods and you will spring up with life. We can dance when we eat what we need. We can experience our meals with joy and understanding. As your body breaks down the food, it is absorbed by all the cells in our organs, tissues, and bones. You are what you eat. Eating isn’t suppose to be a chore that you have to distract yourself from. It is a miracle.

I once wrote, “Steer away from the pass because it is unchangeable, alleviate from hate of the present because it is all you have, and trust in the future because we are all have power to create it,” Be wholly and consciously here, now. Sometimes we wait to be happy. I can’t wait to be 21 or in college or away from my family. No, this is only hurting you. If we lust for what we don’t have, we will never be ready to receive it. Like attracts like, and the universe will send you what you are sending out. So if your thoughts are focused on your lack of love, relationships, or things, then that lack is what you will notice. Meditation and learning about the law of attraction may help to change your mindset and shift your perception.

A lesson I learned recently about negative thoughts, has helped me to realize more about myself. At times, I will practice positivity and work to be more in tuned with my surroundings. Though what happens is I end up pushing back the negative images which only makes them stronger. Resistance makes stronger- Ralph Smart. Instead of avoiding your owns thoughts, be grateful for them. I know it is strange to love your negativity but it's apart of you. Those thoughts are a reflection of what you can work on and grow from. Surrender to those thoughts and accept them just as they are. Thoughts are thoughts and they will pass. It is your attitude towards them that makes them good or bad. After having a hard time trying to figure out what I was experiencing, I decided to just sit with them. I saw them as drifting away and then let them go. I acknowledged that they are mine and accepted them as a symbol for growth.

This message ties in with the last. Sometimes people or situations may make you tense up, become outraged, or just plain judgmental. They can trigger in you something buried that needs to be addressed. Things happen and our power is in how we act. No one can tell you how to act, though I will inform you that with any interaction, it is a reflection of them and you. We can all learn from how someone responds to us and they to can learn from it too. It is no one’s fault, because we all share the responsibilities.

“For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is its mercy toward them that fear,” PSALM 103. I don’t believe in the bible and just the bible. I find that all religions have value and I can combine a collection of teachings to guide me. The Proverbs are similar to rules or morals, and all religions have a guide on how to act. I find this Psalm interesting and it resonates with me. We all make mistakes that seem unforgivable though the universe is vast and our problems small. We have infinite amounts of mercy, love, and energy. Don’t believe me? Try and pinpoint the limit in which all mercy and love stops. No matter what you believe in, either deity or creator, they all represent a faith in something that creates understanding. I believe that the universe is big enough to hold all our lust, greed, and selfishness, though also our love, compassion, and sense of peace.

The most influential people are the ones who live by what they say. I hope that you have learned this from myself. I try and embody all the values I hold dear. A clean conscious is the best feeling you can ever have. Throughout my journey, I’ve made plenty mistakes though I am grateful to say that I am still making more because every aspect of myself, the good and the bad, are going to push me to be better. I can only wish that for you. Love yourself unconditionally and love everybody as the same.


Sending you love in your self-love practice,

Ms. Laura Weidemann, 2027

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