The Story of Shadows


Dear PVT Ry,


My love, there is a story that needs to be told,

Of a boy and a girl, ever so young.

The day they met was absolute fate,

the days they spent together were ones well spent.

Then he left for reasons so noble

although the day was infamous.


After, the days grew longer,

the distance spanned farther,

the world became much dimmer.

Within the dimness, shadows seemed to surround.

Pouring doubt and uncertainties like a black wave

over the girl that waited, and

over the boy who served.


The immense darkness swarmed her and  him.

yet they held tight and believed,

even when it screamed-

“You are wasting your time”

“It will never last”

or dared to ask “why do you even bother to try?”


And to oblivion they could only utter

I believe in us,

no matter the miles and

no matter the time apart.

I believe in what we share,

in what we fight for, and

what could be.


This life isn’t easy.

It was never meant to be,

but I will always stand by you,

blessed with this life,

and ever so thankful for this long story

that is a short word

called Love.


I know this rings familiar and true.

No matter what, I know we’ll fight,

because I believe in us.

I promise to write soon.

Love you always



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