To the One I Never Said Enough To

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 00:31 -- MDH2800

There’s so much I never told you, I have a stack of cheesy rom-com like

 letters filled with emotions and feelings I could never fully express.

How much I wanted to be more than friends

How I had suspicions you might have liked me

How sad I was when you dated someone else

How excited I felt when we were both single and flirting

How much I appreciated you during our quick relationship

How much I wanted to hold you when we sat separated on the couch

How I couldn’t explain why I felt suddenly withdrawn from you

How hurt I was that it all ended with three text messages

I could live with the ending of a failed relationship,

But the loss of a best friend is much harder than that.

How do you forget someone who showed you some of your favorite music,

places, and favorite high school memories?

Now we just pass by each other like none of this ever happened,

A two year rollercoaster of emotions all ending like this.

Maybe if I had told you these feelings it would have all been different.

Maybe I am just being overdramatic, maybe I’m not.

Maybe one day we will be friends again, maybe things will never change.

Sincerely, M

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