To An Introvert

Dear Ordinary Introvert,

Whoever you may be.

I understand the world's a scary place,

As far as the eye can see.


It's hard to take the first step.

To turn the handle on the door.

Takes guts and lot's of pride,

Avoiding the mistakes littered on the floor.


But don't forget the struggle,

No matter how horrible it's been.

Use the anguish for inspiration,

And take the advice that flows from within.


Think "big picture" with that mind of yours,

Push the bounds to their limit.

Don't wait for the ball to roll into the net,

Just kick it.


Take off the mask that hides your soul..

Stop the string of doubts.

Break the wall that holds you in place.

And scream your heart out.


Yes, it's terrifying beyond compare.

But you'll never get anywhere looking for a sign.

Light the spark of ingenuity,

And cross the dreaded line.



A Fellow Introvert


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