My Cathartic Letter

To my dearest friend,


I love you.

But I want to live my life.


Sometimes I hate being stuck in this place.

It’s dark.

There’s nothing new to do or see.

It’s boring.


The world is bigger than I can even imagine.

Sunshine peeks out to others, giving a coy “hello” at first,

But eventually showers the people with its gift.

Streaks of rainbow can be seen over tall buildings with lights that never seem to turn off.

People bustling and hustling as they think their lives are mundane, but it’s truly not.


I want to live my life.

But to do that, I need to leave you.


I deeply love you.

No words can express how much I adore you.

I may be selfish for leaving

and I may seem naive.

However, I’m going to thrive in a place that’s away from here.

Like a seed who’s been thirsting for water,

I am going to sprout when I leave.

I can picture it now.

I’ll bloom into a person who is living their best life.


Goodbye, my loved one.


Your comforting qualities are enticing to me.

You have kept me in a warm embrace.

There’s something about your smell that leaves me besotted.

But you have kept me here for too long.

I need to get away.

I’ll be sure to make you when I leave.


Farewell, my bed.


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