Dearest Me

Tue, 12/12/2017 - 16:59 -- angemt

Dearest me,
I start this letter
With you

You begun with the sight of a light
A cry
For a mother you had not yet known
Lacking understanding
Yet conscious of what you wanted
Who you needed
Her first love
Whom she needed
Had all begun with you

And the years went by
And the days flew faster
Filled with curiosity
New friends
New losses
And many, many tears
Some of joy
Some of laughter
Most were of sadness

The power you had
That started with such small hands
Outreached towards a vast
Unexplored world
Truly did determine
The potential you had in you
I wish you knew
Dearest me
That the world could never know
A better you


Nights where you cried and asked yourself
If you were enough
Hours upon hours spent
Counting your tears
To see if they could
Fill the ocean
Just to see if any part of you
Could be significant
To this becoming world
Dearest me
I wish you could have seen
You were
You are

Scraped elbows and skinned knees
From all of the times you fell
And learned to get back up again
Are only small
Feeble amounts of proof
That tell of how strong
And mighty you are
But your existence alone
Tells much more
Of your power
And everlasting strength

Dearest you
Thank you
For the pain
That you forever endured
For the fight
You never urged to give up
Because if it weren't for you
Dearest, sweetest you
I would never have become
Yours sincerely,
Dearest me.

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