My first love and bff have the same DNA

Dear twins,

One of you used me 

The other confused me


He took advantage

She left me at a disadvantage


They say twins have a lot in common

So I guess my feelings towards you both shouldn't seem uncommon.


HK you were my all, until you let me fall

I told myself you cared even though you were never there

I tried to rebuild us 

but you said it wasn't worth the fuss

So I let us 

get covered with dust, as I waited for you to reopen us


J it all began in May 

You began to make me feel like one of them

making me think you were him

You say we were close friends but I just felt like a loose end


before we were at the end I had realized we'd only just began 


They say twins have a lot in common

But I say that's very uncommon


J you said stay 

in the end with you I knew I would never become a they


Eventhough you both let me in 

One twin eventually

pushed me 

to the end


HK's ex and J's bestfriend


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