Life in a letter

For Sasha,


Keeping secrets can kill you

Will kill you

But not me

Sasha held all of mine

Watched over by people who grow

Fearful when someone would shout

What would you do next?

Take a box cutter

But not for the box, that’d be silly

Cut open your wrists

Watching the red river

Flow freely from your body

Or maybe perch on a window

Looking lovingly down below

It’s only the third floor

Worst case scenario, broken leg or arm

No need to worry

So you stay

You wonder how those smiles,

How the protection,

The walking on eggshells

Is supposed to help you

But it doesn’t

Those smiles didn’t save you

from the current or the drugs

If anything, they got wiped away too

Along with you

She’s curled around your heart

like a fist protesting death

and her voice is all you hear

Telling you to fight

When your world comes crashing down




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