Little Girl, Deep Down Inside

Hey little girl,

Deep down inside.

Don't you know loving kills?

Makes you vulnerable, you can't hide

I agreed at first because of the thrill.

But, I got caught up in the lie

And dug my heart out of the landfill.


Please little girl, deep down inside

let me disconnect, at least for my pride.

My heart was once blissfully deprived.

Until I listened to you and allowed him to pry.


Hey little girl, I'm telling you to stop.

I should have never listened to you,

I know better, I've been dropped.

You're a naive girl, who hasn't a clue.

You should have never been unblocked.

My therapist was wrong, you're no breakthrough,

Little girl, you are just an issue.


Listen to me,

I  feel weak

I know the word you want to speak  

Don’t you know, such words are cheap

They only showcase what is nice and neat

They leave out the vulnerability.

The anxiety that drags me to my knees.


Listen to me,

I know we’re falling in deep.

Every part of me is screaming

he’ll leave.

But you believe


You make me confused

I want to let go.

But, the bigger part is you, who wants to hold him close.

It was fine when it didn't mean a thing.

But, everything changed with a little feeling.

I jumped in

knowin’ it would end

Justification of living while I can


I never let you feel a heartbreak,

So you can’t anticipate

the ache


Listen to me,

little girl deep down inside

I guess I’ll let you out

So that we can cry  


You are the elastic.

You never break.

You always fall for their trick.

I am the one who is left in the wake.

I can't extinguish this internal conflict.

I’ll have to push you back down, pretend love is fake.


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