Dear Mom

Wed, 12/20/2017 - 19:49 -- Kate059


United States

Dear Mom,

How are you and how are my sisters?

I know I could always call and get direct answers,

But I wanted to write because it's a joy of mine.


I've been thinking of you quite often this past semester,

About how you both encourage me and make me wary of my decisions.

You're already aware of my major-music education/music performance.

And you're aware of the low paying jobs there are for people with this degree,

Of the financial and other struggles they face.

I just wanted to tell you, I still have a back up plan,

But it's being modified by various professors of mine.


Originally, I had planned to become an English or an elementary school teacher,

But only if my career path doesn't work out.

Music is my life, and you've known this always,

So, my question to you is why make me stray?


Why should I stray away from this path of mine,

Be it twisted, shaky, topsy turvy, etc.,

To follow a clean cut path that's straight, broad, and safe?

I love what I'm learning and I love what I'm doing,

And I know that you only want the best for me,

But I primarily want to be happy!

I want to be happy in my future career, happy in my accomplishments,

And I want to be happy and successful for you.

You who brought me into this world.

You who gave me your flute to learn to play because I had a fancy.

You who sat through all my horrible middle school performances.

You who encouraged me to practice even though it meant that you might lose

some sleep.


So, I understand the worry you have

Because this path I have chosen is very narrow and unstable.

And I know that you still have some doubts about whatever lays ahead,

But I just want to tell you that I'll be okay.

I'm still your baby, I'm still your girl,

But I am so ready to go out on my own.


I'm ready to spread my wings,

And fly into a future of my own.

Yes, it's a future that is uncertain and risky,

But it is a future where I'll be happy.


I love you dearly with all of my heart,

And though I cause you worry,

I promise you that everything will be alright.


Your Daughter,


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