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Awaking in darkness, the night will fade Earlier than sun, kiss the moon goodbye Dead without purpose before human eyes With the rising sun, will it then cascade?
& I saw the white lawn chairs they have always been my life line push and pull- ing me through my sign- sit and relax found in the desert unexpected treasure you are always there
This morning I woke up bitter againfor no reason other than I sleep on my angerand it resonates in my headand I wake up miserable and ask myselfWhat about me?What do I get?
The Dreadful Wait for the FUTURE...The future awaits!  The future awaits that is why I like greeting the day I don't see the mornings as gray I look forward to each Monday
When the sun goes down, the vast majority of people like to hide underneath their heavy, ivory comforters with a couple of coffee stains here and there and they fall into a slumber for
I have motivation To get out of bed I have motivation To go to school to see all my friends I have motivation Because I am not dead I have motivation To survive until the weekends
The sun rises before I do. It sends rays to coax me from my covers, but only captures morning dew.   The night still has me in its hold,
Good Morning America! Land of the free, home of the brave, and the founder of the freedom that so many crave.   The stars in the sky, as bright as they gleam
I wake up wishing I had't, for seeing this world in a negative light has become habit. The only thing that helps me survive is a band, for music is what keeps me alive.
Let me feel the sun kiss my face as it rises from the horizon painting the sky in hues of pink and blue let's call it a new day     I touch my paints dripping inks and splats of color
Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.   The door slams, The stairs creak, The alarm rings,
i. I’m waiting for the day when I can finally curl up next to you and talk to you freely without the distance between us ringing with every echo of your words. Small birds like you deserve the entire universe and everything it has to offer.
I'm not a morning person. I don't pretend to be. I'm not an optimist, I always over think. I don't pretend that the world will fall into place just for me. It won't.   I don't have my life planned out.
I wake because I’m drowning; Life’s currents submerging me- I’m verging on tears and utter exhaustion And falling asleep by nothing but fault.
  Sometimes, when life feels hopeless Or My day ahead seems Rough And,  I don’t want to get up I remember 
Money and poverty- I’ve seen both. Smiles of joy and tears of frustration- I’ve seen both. Happy occasions and suicidal actions- I’ve seen both.
We are taught That light brings joy and happiness And darkness is something to be feared. But have you ever noticed We dream at night And our tangible fears Come alive in the day?
Grey and cold...a chill upon the early morning air. An orange hue, pink warmth spilling across the grey ground, Rising like a mist to color the sleepy sky. Within a tiny hovel sleeps,
  Luke 2: 78-79- ‘Because of God’s tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us,
I want to be the very best that no one ever was. To graduate college is my real test, to study is my cause. I will study through every night learning more and more.
As the bright rays of sunlight hit my face in the early morning, I am woken up to the melody, The melody of gunshots, A song that I hear every day, as I travel to and from school,
I am up before the sun, before the birds have begunIn the dark, in the cold, for there is work to be done.The gas light is on, which I ignore with a yawnRunning on empty in my car in a dawn I punch in at five; the world’s barely aliveHaggard guest
I greet the day just like a fly. You may ask why Well, here I say-   A fly lives as long as six hundred hours.
A burning passion A burning passion Each and every day given To become the person I aspire to be A daily mindset to make a difference
24 hours in a day Too few, I say Five to Sleep and Eight for School With Ten hours left, not cool.   I’m at an age Where work fills the rest of today’s page On a good day, an hour to read
Arising every day Beginning another day Casually, the same way Dismay not having its way   Elevated from the night Forgetting yesterday’s plight Giving way to the new day’s light
My bed is soft My pillows are clouds But time is a-ticking, And I must go.   Why? You may ask. Stay. You may say. But time is a-ticking, And I must go.   The sun is shining
I lay down at nighttide Yet unsure If I’ll awake I open up my eyes wide Ready and willing to greet the day My motive you might ask? To improve, step back, and see Go through trial and error
Do this, never that. Say this, never that. Act like her, never like him. Think like this, never like that.   You can’t do that. You aren’t good at anything, And you will never accomplish much.
The Soft Whisper Stranded, alone and terrified I remain Day after day it seems like I will go insane. I do not know why I woke up today,
the sun doesn't greet me every morning sometimes it's the clouds sometimes it's the rain and as much as I wish, sadly never the snow   but regardless of the weather I get up and pull on my sweater
The world thinks I’ll splinter to pieces fast. You shy little girl, can you even fight? You look like you will crumble from the blast. But I face a drunken beast every night
My skin hits the frigid air Long before the first crow, Fueled by discipline, fully aware That there is something new to know. I leave my dreams of last night
Immense pressure and high expectations  from everyone around me and myself  push me to be the best and the brightest, but it's also a personal hell.    Thoughts of others are always on my mind 
Every night, a page is turned As we process what we learned And morning comes, a fresh new day With that day, a new blank page Waiting and ready for what you write
Stress fills my day Motivated by money Struggling to pay Yet I wake up I wonder why Tired of the stress Need more rest Pursuing my education Early morning classes Endless Teachers
  20 years on earth I've made ton of sorry things like I've been soaked in the world of mistakes.   Not being an eye candy amazingly beautiful was a mistake
Someone recently asked me To look around and see What you all mean to me   “Who do you run for?” they asked So I began to question All the effort that I’ve put in  
Gaming with some friends Laughing and chilling with friends Stressing with my friends
            I rise.             Like the sun that breaks through the darkness of night.             And I rise,             With a feeling, with a purpose, with a dream.             I rise,
God has given me the will and the skill to greet the day I wake up joyful He has given me a way to greet the day He helps me overcome every barrier He is my carrier This is how I greet the day
little things useless things funny things random things   things that make me giggle to myself when i'm in a room full of people, or things that might keep me up at night
its the smell of chocolate pancakes that rouses me from sleep the feeling of my warm socks against the wooden floors early sunday mornings spent with family and chocolate smiles;  its the ringing alarm my phone shrills it every weekday that pushes
The day begins and my eyes shine I see sunlight coming through my blinds A familiar face appears in my head And makes me get up and out of bed He is telling me to change and put on my shoes
In the morning at break of dawn I raise my head to stretch and yawn I think of what the day may hold The situations that may unfold The aroma of possibilities fills the air
I wake up looking at reflections of yesterdays stress dried on the corners of my mouth and my undying ambition trapped in the tangled stranded nest on top of my cranial Center find my balance in an icy warm shower.
The newly-hatched sun slips through the window, sneaking underneath my eyelids until they are forced, reluctantly, to open. The first thing I see is the smooth, pearly
Why, hello Day! I've been expecting you. I endured a long process waiting for you. I wrote a song last night and I'd like to show someone, I thought you'd take forever and spoil the fun.
The laughter of a kid, sends chills down my spine. The purity and high pitch, reminding me of what life was like back then. No force or restraint, just a tickled heart, Reminding me of the deepest dream in my soul.
The warm, bright sun rises upover a small green meadow surrounded by old oaks.It peaks over the tree line smiling,as if it were saying good morning.It's golden rays reflect off the dew speckled grass
I woke up to you stirring in your sleepTurned my back to you in disgust because of the fight a few hours before where my heart borespilled out my emotions to keep youfrom turning out our lights Everythings going to be alright Back to sleep I went 
If you believed that waking up early was pointLESS… How would you feel if you knew it was someone’s last morning to wake up to   To see the morning sunlight            To smile that they are still alive
Morning sun so early shines, Brightly through my window blinds; My groggy mind is slow to wake, Sleep can be so hard to shake.   With strength of will I open, My eyes to get the day going;
Lights they burn the tears of tomorrowSleeping the night peacefullyI look around for that feeling of complete,Day after Day I rise with no soul or momentfor these past memories I wish to shake away,
Dawn has never been my muse Though my spring to her may disagree A slumber sweet and succulent Brings unwanted tendencies   To wake I must for day has come A friend or foe she be
I wake, rise from my slumber. I'm awake. "Today's the day," I stand and say, to develop my passion, learn, create. My body's tired, but my mind is ready. My palms are sweaty, my knees unsteady.
Perhaps I greet the day to prove my worth To so many who have belittled me I rise to show them that I am the Sun Powerful, bright, essential I rise to show them that I can overcome the dark
every morning she wakes, eyes open, and yet she is filled with regret. the things she did last night, yesterday months prior, years ago. her actions haunt her, and every morning she wakes, eyes open,
Every day we do the same things;  wake up, go to school, come home and sleep. In the morning, we see what the day brings; and it's up to us to change the bad things to good.  Every day we can improve ourselves;
Every day my eyes open, greeted by infinite sky, I know my future is bright if I keep my amibitions so high. So I get out of bed ready to tackle whatever lies ahead,
As the sun rises over the mountians, I too must rise. I greet the day with sleep clouded eyes, And tangled bed head. Even so, I look forward to each day.   Every day is a blessing,
Why Rise when you could sleep? Why live if it's just another week Why try when you think you'll fail? Why rise when you've got no story to tell?   Yet, Why sleep when its a new week?
Sleep. It is a peaceful thing, a beautiful thing, A simple thing. It is essential. It is quintessential.
One beam, shining through the cracks of the blinds. The warmth beaming down my face, hearing the pitter patter of my sister getting dressed for school. Feeling the cold air ripple through my bare skin as I stand.
Sometimes I think why Why do I get up each day And subject myself to the horrors That await me at school At home   The people,
Why do I even get up now? The reasons are indefinite. It's smelling grandma's famous grits While putting on the fit I picked. Look out the windows of my house And yawning to the sight of dawn,
  Wake up, Sunshine!   I get up for Morning kisses Breakfast making
As the sun comes up at the dawn of day I can't help but wonder how I will stay Motivated to continue life,  Through all the stress and tears and strife. But then I remember that there is more
How could I wake up to the feeling of nothing? The questioning as if I could resist another day of being alive, of realizing where my life will be in a year or two
As my spiritual body makes way back to physical form i kiss the astral plane goodbye. Wont be long until we meet again but for now the hour hand has hit a 180 degree angle 
The sun is so powerful Bright with extra radiant  Extraordinary light illuminates the sky The light kisses my face Oh how I feel the warmth of its embrace I open my eyes 
Wake up every morning tired as heck, grab a cup of coffee and im gone, to start my day off with my facorite song. flying to get ready, i over selpt again I say to myself, todays a good day
I get up in the morning because I’m angry Angry at the world, angry at the people in it Angry how the color of someone’s skin determines how they’re treated
With a stunning smile, and an adventurous mind you take on the world
Sun rays, hitting the morning fogs lightening the days from frowning bogs, into heartful smiles, they say smile I just frown, they say give a laugh, I just frown, taking a photograph  
A chance to completely change my rough life Gives me a reason to rise, awaken, And my determination’s bitter strife Makes “impossible” something forsaken.
When I wake from my snug space Dazed and confused Ecstatic for the day that lies ahead Exploring the beauty of nature and grace The limbs of the trees seem to stretch to eternity
I drag myself out of bed, groggy and disheveled, and greet the morning with it's slap on my face. Acheing with the sleep deprevation from late-night homework. I crawl to the bathroom
The stride in your feet When your hustle everyday of the week The exhaustion when you breathe yes it's true I'm proud to stand next to you. There is no one like you I must honestly say.
My alarm sounds. I rush outside, Dressed for the weather, Just to treasure a few moments Of Heaven. I gaze, amazed, As the colors rising from the East Light up the sky with
From yesterday to the next day The future is seen unknown and grey What we can perceive as current time  is actually the catalyst of cause and effect The past, what you may choose to reject or accept
I rise not for the sole purpose of Having some place to be- which I do, But rather, because I want to.
To pick-me-up Instead of down, I like to take, a look around   To greet the day Is just my way Of giving up,
My reasons, The heartbreaks, the tears, the hardships, and my fears. My reasons.  I am strong.  I wake, knowing of my strength.  My family, my love, my Savior. I am strong because of them.
  On the days that death calls me When the morning sun Is too much to bear I think of my sister
It ain't the piercing screeches nor the bright rays that got me up today. The burdens of treacherous days dragged me down only for me to wake up refreshed in the day.
My main motivation is nothing amazing,Nor is it the oddest of things.I am tested and tempted and sometimes resented,But I still wake up and sing.I've been singing, you see, for years upon years,
You see the glow first. The radience of it. It lights up the darkness. A star in the sky.  It happens every day and you bask in its beauty.  The thing that brightens up people's lives.   
There are not enough words in our language to describe it. Not a passage, nor a verse, can explain what's inside me. It's like a candle in my heart; and what once was so dark is now shining so bright
Laughing and smiling are two special things   I live for tomorrow because it may bring   A smile, a laugh, or even a cry  
Once again I wake up early in the morning, five a.m. To do what I did yesterday morning, go to band practice. "That is too early." They say.
I kiss the moon goodnight and close my eyes for a new day to start. The sun has risen and the birds are chirping. It's a new day.   Good morning world! 
As I wake up in the morning I get ready for my days in college and all the agony knowing how tough the let out a sigh  then I complain,"My oh my." I then clean up myself and think of all those college stuff
You are the light that shines above me,  burning and bright. You make my path clearer in the dark of the night. You burn bright. Sometimes too bright. Then all you do is burn. My skin reddens and blisters.
Each and every day,Monotony is one step away.Find your passion and chase it down,There’s no shame, no matter wait they may say.
I wake up each day To help someone find their way Then one more next day
new orange and pink skies, like fire in our hearts and eyes, guides me 'til I rise.
The steady “beep beep beep” of the alarm clock Beep beep beeping me to the brink of insanity Why doesn’t it just stop?! A device with no humanity Compelling me to spur profanity Fine. You win this time.
The earliest of rising, The stillness of the silence. The shallowness in the sky, The darkness is moving from west to east. No longer dark, Now busy with sounds. Sounds of  birds chrping,
Sunlight blinds me waking me from the great dream I've never gotten a chance to finish. 6 AM always comes so early the smell of coffee not even a thought in my house yet
When the going gets going And the tough gets tougher, I need something there to help me to muster   The means to get up, thankfully I got just that They help me out when I reach a small spat
The future is a brighter place with you in it!
You know, it's funny when you realize that the main person you thought cared... really doubt you. Everyday I wake up, thank God, then begin my day. But these days I wake up aren't just any days.
I rise with the sun, ready to face the morning I greet each day with a determination bred by a fierce desire for new. New ideas, New thoughts, New people, New goals.
I wake up in darkness, when the sun is still struggling to open her weary eyes. I wake up to begin proving myself and along the way, I was seduced by
It’s the prospect of a better, something that pushes me off my bed and onto my feet.   No one promised me
I start my day the only way I know how, With a smile. A smile so contagious, You can't help but smile too. Something that always makes me smile is adventure
You beat the sun, everyday With sticky fingers in my face Frosted flakes are on the floor Cats are through the open door The fridge is letting out its cold There's something yellow on your nose
Title: Hello World By: Destini Johnson   When you wake up the sun isn’t always shining. The clouds aren’t always pluff. Sometimes you may feel sick
The early morning sun rises So does the sound of my alarm clock I sit up with a frown And put on my gown Before I can complain About my morning in disdain I think of the breakfast
There are often times I think to myself, "Is it even worth it?" I want to fall asleep and never wake up,   But then I think, There are many people out there whose lives were taken from them, 
the birth, of the day, keeps me from closing my eyes, even when i want to crawl, back under the sheets, back into a better land, each sunrise, each cloud that rises,
Dreams, they say, can twist reality, We can get crippled or be free, Be kissed by love, Or suffer the wrath of the ones above. My ordeal, a vision so bitter, punctured my heart and made my lips my quiver:
Buried under the covers, safe and sound,  until suddenly I feel a wet nose in my ear sniffing around. In a daze I roll over, unfit to be aroused, but Gabby is persistent,
When I'm given another breath, I greet the day. When I hear the voice of the most extraordinary thing, The angel I was honored to create I greet the day. When I strive to be the best Proverbs 31 woman I can be,
The alarm goes off another day to begin. What makes me crawl out of bed? Is it school, the place where I'm trapped for most of my day? Or is it the will to fight, to live, to keep me from fading away?
I wake each day   With a smile on my face.  Knowing I've made it to see another sunrise.    I face each day Wanting to leave an impression.    Needing to be able to help at least one person. 
A rainy morning, tires don't work well A semi pulls out, my brakes, I slam, the car cease to propel.  Skid marks on the street, my heart skips a beat  One hand on the wheel, the other on his chest.
Every morning I wake up I don't want to get up but I do.I think what's the reason? Every morning.  Every morning I tell myself No matter the reason  I'm here and I'm here for a reason. Every morning   Every morning is a different morning. I'm gree
Though my days are ever dreary, And my heart is ever weary, I must open my eyes and face the day. For, if I do not, I know I will remain forever gray.
Ten minutes till the bell. Come on you got this. Headphones will make it all better.                             When my music is in, I enter my happy place.  
I know every day I'll greet him once more But when I see his face I want to run away Disrespectful Retarded Lazy Dependent Am I really all these things? I'm not sure I can take it
I've started many things,  I simply wish to finish them,  I want to know how my favorite show ends,  So for that I stick around,  Along with that I racked books on my wishlist,
Morning approaches, great.  I awaken, maybe today will be different.
Ah, another day another pancake!  Did I say pancake? I meant another sunshine! Close enough, right? We all wake up in the morning in purest blip of rawness and honesty.
Greeting every morning because the morning greets you with a sunrise,having everyday come at you with a new surprise,feeling new things cant get better ever again at times,but living likes it a new day, with a new sunrise
I awake in the morning No yawns, I only sigh Then cry, another day to Suffer and strain to wade through   I prepare my bag for school My escape from solitude Poor mood won’t wane to smile
Morning Wake Up! A new day! The sun shines so bright…   What time is it? 8:54…?     I have class in six minutes! Run, run, run…!          Was that due today??
dew shining golden soft grass against my feet dancing in the morning light
Ringing and Dinging,            an alarm of cacophonous singing, stinging                   my ears with discords that mirror that dreadful feeling when I wake.   I wish to go to bed, but little time is left
I love the rest of the night, the sounds of crickets delight, but if you asked me, what gives me pure glee, why mornings of brilliant bright light. Open the curtins real wide,
A new day dawns,  And I greet the sunrise As an equal. Nature and I are attuned to one another. Each new day I have the chance to learn, To grow as a person, And to get to know myself better.
The buzz of circular blades, Cry of the time piece, Voice of a feline, And Mother’s melody All pull me from slumber.   The smiles of peers,
There is something about waking up in a place...a place that you call home. This place is more than just a is home. You can never really leave it. It becomes a part of you; and one day, you too will become a part of it.
there are days where i just want to lay; to pretend i'm gone beneath the sky of the dawn; to pretend i'm dead, someplace other than my bed; buried deep into the ground,
I take a glance outside into mother nature's creation   The trees breathe around us Their chlorophyll pumping through And the leaves swaying in the wind
The days of my life   “Kittens with mittens, Dogs with socks,” Is what my mind rambles on.  
Today may be Saddness Disappointment Rejections Emptiness Just like yesterday And the day before last But while lead fills my bones And cotton fills my head In my heart I know
I am short, they don't believe I can do it I am small, they believe I am weak I am ill, they don't think I will succeed I am young, they think I am niave I am thin, they think I am ugly
The human eyes allow us to see and the spiritual one allows us to perceive. As a result, I wake up with desire to grow up to be,  is the greatest instiller in all of history.
It is you who I see when I close my eyes. Your heart is guarded by those who fail to protect it. Yet, I wish nothing more than to tear down your walls. You are why I awake from my sorrows.
Dawn graces a pale lavender sky, weaving comfortingly with sunshine’s golden rays. The bright light makes its way through the blinds in my room, under my pillow, and onto my eyelids.  
The thing that wakes me from my slumber is the love I have for my soul mate Every morning, I see him Looking into his eyes is like looking at the universe
Everyday is a new day I start my day in a special way   My reason is to pick up knowledge  This is important one year from college    I like to think and understand...
My tomorrow doesn’t start until the night before. Before I start to sleep and before I start to snore. It’s a daydream about the possibilities, good and bad, a silent wish striving to make yesterday's tomorrow better than the last.
When I struggle to get going, she helps me greet the day She promises adventures, that will make things all okay I know that I can trust her, her smile has never told a lie so I slowly get up, and to my bed I say goodbye
Wake up take a shower get dressed eat breakfast go to school do homework eat dinner go to sleep.
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