Sunlight blinds me waking me from the great dream

I've never gotten a chance to finish.

6 AM always comes so early

the smell of coffee not even a thought in my house yet

the snores of my parents echo through the house.

I smile and swing my bed over the edge of my warm bed

immediately wishing that I hadn't

but I realize that school means

friends and an education that will get me out of here.

As I change into leggings and a band tee shirt,

I realize you will be home soon.

 I smile wider, remembering the exact amount of days

till I drive to your house to see you,

my best friend.

I grab my keys and books

rushing to get to first period

and wishing I didn't have physics

when I'm half asleep on my desk,

attempting to pay attention.

I just want to go to my favorite classes,

the ones I will use in my career

which I pray will be in a recording studio

working with bands,

Music Theory at last

3rd period

the class that I adore

as all of it is new

Maybe if I learn the notes and scales

and figure out how to play

guitar and paino better

than how I had taught myself

when I disvovered a passion for the music inside.

The class wakes me up and I see that my dreams are my future

written in a major scale with all notes.

My alarm clock blares next to me,

making me jump

as I realize it was only a dream

prompting me to get up. 

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