Well, I Guess I'll Start Again


Mount St. Joseph University
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Wake Up!

A new day!

The sun shines so bright…

  What time is it? 8:54…?

    I have class in six minutes! Run, run, run…!

         Was that due today??

                (I didn’t do my homework…)

                    Wish I remembered my coffee,

                        Alright, time to sit down and be a productive human!

                                I didn’t get to go see that speaker,

                                    Had lunch with my friends!

                                                Wow, music class is so boring….

                                                    Received a call from mom and dad!

                                                       They miss me…

                                                I miss them too…

                                                                   Do I haaaaave to take the staaaairs???? T_T

                                                                        Didn’t mean to have that many cookies…

                                                                                God bless Netflix.

                                                                                    Wow, I didn’t get done what I needed to today.

But now is time for sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.




Wake up!

It’s a new day…

It’s pouring down rain.

At least I got some pushups in…

   Where did I put my coat?

     Is it still in my suitcase?

       How am I getting across campus in my flip-flops?

                It’s so stuffy in this lab…

                   Reasons why I will never pursue a career in Chemistry.

                     Can I make something blow up?

                         Must remember to go grocery shopping today…

                                Work, work, work…

                                   Got a call from my manager…

                                       Have to come in at four…

                                                I think I lost my keys.

                                                    Where are my keys?!

                                                “Whoaaaaaahh, we’re halfway theeerrre, WHOOOOAAAAA….”

                                                        That elderly couple is sitting in the back of the restaurant again tonight…

                                                                I wonder why they sit in the same place every night?

                                                                   11 O’clock…

                                                                        God, my feet hurt.

                                                                                How the hell is it still raining???

                                                                                   Roommate isn’t back yet. Don’t care, turning off the light.

                                                                                       I don’t think I got what I needed to done today.

                                                                                                But now is the time for sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.




Wake up!

Look out the window,

The leaves have started to change color…

   I don’t have class ‘til eleven…

      Back to sleep it is.



                   You know, I probably could have gotten up and done some stuff.

                       Oh well.

                           I have a club meeting at noon…

                                Did I eat? I should eat.

                                    Dammit, I got cookies again.

                                       YES, YOU ARE TAKING THE STAIRS!!!!

                                                Have to work at four…

                                                   “Learn how to DRIVE, Asshole!”

                                                        Oh, the elderly couple is at their table again.

                                                            No, wait! Only the woman is there…

                                                                All she has is a cup of coffee…

A cup of coffee.

                                                                    Got slammed at seven…

                                                                         11 p.m.

                                                                                Roommate is in the room with her boyfriend.

                                                                                      Relocating them elsewhere via the stare of death.

They get the idea.


                                                                                            I didn’t get done what I needed to today.

                                                                                                 But now is the time for sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.

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