Wake Up for the Theater

As the sun comes up at the dawn of day

I can't help but wonder how I will stay

Motivated to continue life, 

Through all the stress and tears and strife.

But then I remember that there is more

Than misery and pain, something to live for.

The thing that moves me out of bed

Is that bit of knowlege in my head

That the theater is out there, waiting for me

And soon enough I will get to see

Everything I worked on come together,

Despite the hot and humid weather. 

The lights hang down and hit the cast,

And our small, simple set turns into the vast

Countryside where the play takes place.

I can't wait to see the look on the face

Of the audience when they see my design

While on my Easy Mac I shall dine.

The theater truly is my escape,

The place I go and I can make

Beautiful artwork out of lights,

And plywood and paint and scripted fights.

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