rain or glumshine

the sun doesn't greet me every morning

sometimes it's the clouds

sometimes it's the rain

and as much as I wish, sadly never the snow


but regardless of the weather

I get up and pull on my sweater

because yesterday wasn't great

but I can make today better


it's this idea of a fresh start

a reset of my heart

life playing a new part

that gets me up in the morning


no matter how gloomy the sky looks

yesterday's loss that I took

today will be a fresh new page in my book


my days are limited

so I forgive and I forget

and I wake up early every morning

and sleep much past the sunset


everyday I am given a certain amount of time

and it is my job to spend every last dime of it

for it would surely be a crime

if the only way for me to get out of bed was if I saw the sunshine.

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Our world


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