Worth Waking Up For

As the sun rises over the mountians,

I too must rise.

I greet the day with sleep clouded eyes,

And tangled bed head.

Even so, I look forward to each day.


Every day is a blessing,

For I get to see my loving mother drinking coffee,

Laugh with my friends in class,

Feel the warmth of my signifacant other as we share a meal,

Ace that test I barely studied for.

These are little things that often end up meaning the most.


Some days are more meaningful than others.

The day a sibling is born,

The day you get asked to Prom,

The day you visit the aqaurim for the first time,

Or for those lucky enough, 

The day you tie your life to another.


Even not so great days teach us new things.

The loss of a loved one reminds us to always love to the best we can.

The day you break your arm tells you,

Maybe that tree was a little too high.

The day you move is to give you a new chance to be great.

We might not love these moments,

But everything happens for a reason.


We aren't guaranteed a tomorrow

So we must make today a wonderful day.

Not every day is perfect,

But each day is definitely something worth waking up for.

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My family
My community
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