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I write this in shades of Gray
No mustard bombs are droppedNo audible or silent shots are firedNo planes are necessarily blown or hiredNo flags are deliberately flown or flappedNo soldiers crossed the borders
The ground crackles like trees in the wind.  The trees in the wind sway like waves. The waves in the ocean ricochet off the rocks, Like my thoughts wearing away at my brain.  
I trip into an endless empty. The darkness’ welcoming hug gets a little tight, Squeeze out my last breath.
Hear my battle cry For the addict’s cries Who will listen? God witness these baby's being born To rotten situations See the dying breed of this nation All addicts made to be forsaken
It begins as a small seed Lodged in your ear Blocking all sound Soon, the roots spread   Little brown threads reach down into the canal
a flower, the emblem of growth known to blossom and flourish  has been trampled she struggles to grow anew all willpower flattened
I love to look back on the simple times. The simple wonders of life. The lack of fear, anxiety; the lack of responsibility. A total freedom to run around and smell the flowers, play in the trees and messy up my clothes.
When the heart is unaware Of the hurting whimpers of despair The nasty wails don't come out loud But manage to get suppressed in a shroud  
Each kid proudly sang and the whole courtyard was filled with high pitched voices and laughter. Little bodies of deep tan skin, about twenty of them. Michael, the leader of the classroom.
I see her, benching more than I weigh as sweat pours out of her pores She says she wants to be strong
A friend of mine asked me to write a poem about myself, and for the first time, I was left
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
Enid Ibarra Human: A Lesson   When I was fourteen, I pressed my hand against A stranger’s chest and learned that a heart Has four chambers and cannot feel
Placing words on this paper 
How could you? Choose man over us You took a piece of me that will often leave me in disgust. How could you? Love strangers more than your children What is your excuse for choosing man over us?
It is raining The lightning lashes The thunder roars I am running towards a lone figure collapsed upon the ground It is raining
Dear Casey,   You said you loved me And I left you Because I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it...   You're 24 with a kid, You smoke weed, I met you online,
Dear Betrayer, Sometimes I sit around and think About how everyone has a focus One day I could just fly away And my loved ones wouldn’t even notice   Or maybe they would start to see
I cry in the middle of the night when you're sleepMy face wet with lonely, misunderstood, broken tearsAlthough you don't get the one you fell in love withyou don't get me deep insideI do express myself thoroughly you just don't understand my expre
These mist-covered Mountains Have dragged us Into harm But not even this Fog can Separate us Brothers in Arms   These sun-baked Sand dunes Have dragged us
I’m so close to the end. I dread, and dread, and I agonizingly dreaded to go to that school all these years.  
Once upon a time, the beginning 'O' was never embroidered with gold, life was void of materialistic tangents; our modern albatrosses   But sufficied with compassion,
I was planted among thorns Sharp and merciless, picking flesh from my body I could not walk or scream or sing So I stayed among the thorns
I’m finding it rather hard to live with Who I Am. Especially when Who I Am can be so despicable. Sometimes, she mentions things I don’t plan on thinking about.
Im driving down the road An emerald meadow bathed in moonlight The azure river did flow That mid summer sunday midnight  
A broken head and broken soul Struggling to make sense. The past two months took a tole I feel my body on defense. As I look to the ones close, They don't know how to help. My mom thinks she knows
Struggle, we struggle each and every day we get upset angry even cry in our very own bed Struggle is like being a mighty lion with nothing to eat You are so worthy so capable
Chiseled by high school seniority, A separation, a lost child.  The flood in my eyes dried in my Sahara heart.  Missing her is like cancelled plans, that I see the pictures of everywhere I look.   
I feel ocean air when I'm landlocked, Passed through every obstacle and roadblock, There's dirt under my shoes, but it sure feels like sand, I've taken the scenic route, but I'm just where I planned,
  I know what it’s like to fall in love and this is not it i used to have foggy glassesand titchy skin that wrinkled in all the right spotsand a burdensome nose and a wacky smile cocked to the side with thin lips
The house, dark--locked doors behind which secrets floated. My emotions were like         poison to me and all others.   Weak, debased, I turned to a place where no one judged;
See the thing about God is... People You, me, he, she, I, they, we... People love to forget their own purpose. Love to live in the bliss or ignorance,
To the girl Who would walk down the halls lined with fire Venture blind into the tall grasses
I was one year oldCould barely see my toesthrough the fat thighs I was barely three years oldCouldn't even see myselfthrough the mirror above the sink.
  One thing that was said is that I was wrong Not understanding why this came about Haven’t heard something like this in so long Saying all these things they wanted all out
Words, so many words but They can never express fully the feelings that swell inside  threatening to spill out onto the sidewalk who's cement tries to be strong but 
Humans are incredible creatures. Plagued by chronic hardships, It would be effortless to allow our demeanors to become Calloused and rough, like the Texture of weary hands that have worked tirelessly.
The rolling rumble, resonating through the clouds
Is it true? the words I hear and the visuals I see, beyond truth is all I ever believe, but for  me to see, and for me to hear is it reality?  the feelings that i feel
I became the shelter, a safe haven, a building of four cement walls and a celling. Study enough to survive the storms, and the battles outside of my doors.
Gaze into the lens of my life what do you see? You see a young boy who has been emotionally tortured  by those who were supposed to love him. Gaze into the lens of my life what do you see?
"The gate that guards my heart was open at the start.
Atop a tree sits a lonely little guy. If only, if only he cries To his only true friend, the dull gray sky.
Your time will come, little soldier when you'll proudly walk the streets,
Life and its troubles are changing with each passing day the world’s Pain is severe and unending and can lead the strongest-willed astray   But a bigger part of the soul,
Why do I bother writing my problems down. Only a select few I choose get to read them. I mean I'm depressed a lot more lately and no one knows. I know only 3 people who know why I hurt, because they're involved.
This is for everyone
What curtain? Where? Do you mean my shower curtain, Torn from the wall ages ago? Oops!
  Continue on Your Journey This journey is indeed hard, There are days when the tears rush down my face And people ask me: Will you cry me a river ?
The whispers chirped all through the air, The trotting deer, the hopping hare. They moved with swiftness that was so divine, But then nature settled into one dismal line.
Bring down the white flag and tear down the rails,
I'm looking in on a life that's not mine Its not even a nine You got me jealous Acting all over zealous You're far from perfect as can be seen by your life
Show me how to forget But to not let these memories fade into my mind Blurring the lines Until it all just turns into one big lump Stuck in my throat as I try and fail
Money or Starve  by Andrea Victoria
Everyday is a living day  As i see people come and go by For some people is tragedy  For some others is heaven Twenty-two seven, Wandering in the streets Writing my life on these sheets
Ten, a tender age where it all begin my mother was struggling we had no food, no power We were waiting for the world to end   Nine back to back drug deals after my uncle came and introduced me
Walking through life with no blinders on no tunnel vision trying to reach my goal but this world is is cold and such division much derision caught in the valley of decisions
   Go to school, get a degree, maintain a successful career, fall in lov
Not all scars show, and not all wounds heal Sometimes you can't see the pain that others feel Not all lies are false and not all truths are real Sometimes lies are necessary to help you deal  
one, moment that changed our lives. as you told me the news  Holding my hand  Two seconds for it to sink in  I let the tears fall three days before you left walking away from us leaving 
  Being smacked down Before being allowed to get back up again Taught me something very valuable about love:   it isn’t always a cliché  
I saw,  I saw only black in my future. I felt, I felt my purpose disappear. I heard, I heard my father cry. Cry in the way where no son should hear. I see, I see my mothers eyes,
I once saw a child whose eyes were wild Hyper little thing with dreams and hopes in the mind Running, running, jumping, playing, smiling Her world had talking stuffed toys, adventures filled with imagination
Seventeen Im done Im sick and tired Of your shun Its icy Blizzardly My price Is misery I suffice. Im sick Im done. Youre not the only one. My head, it hurts
The reflection I see is not me. the person I want to be, is someone that I can't be. the things I say and do are different then what I want. I'm a person, who is lost. can someone find me?
The reflection I see is not me. the person I want to be, is someone that I can't be. the things I say and do are different then what I want. I'm a person, who is lost. can someone find me?
Love or lust the line wears thin It slinks and curves its way beyond its medium Freedom! yells those tied by this thick bramble of vine like string Til lust and love becomes one  
Walking on a thin line Passing the warning sign Where did I go wrong On this road so long? Walking down this cold road With a tired and lonely soul Oh, when did it come to this
A scruffy young man observes in the corner;
Clean, innocent Unaffected by time   Full of laughter, dreams imagination, and life   Antebellum...   But no, no it's ending Erasing that clean beginning  
most would call me young
    First there was silence Footsteps near my room Soft whispers through the walls Slowly the door opened The coldness grasped my arms It took me to that place  
Once upon a time, I lost myself. I lost the sun. I lost the colors, the world, my smile. I lost the moon. I lost the stars, the light, my laughter. I lost the sky. I lost the clouds, the blue, my being. I lost my breath.
Hiding behind my books, slumped over my desk Head down in defeat, as I stumble over each word
Once a man that had to fight, Spent all his life at a decent height, He used his size to scare people away, While his grandma had loved him every day,
  Yo dad You remember signing my birth certificate? I bet you were so glad What about when I first got my ears pierced You remember right You were there when I shed those tears
Education will cure the cause of hate. Everyone should try to inform the rest. We can try to erase ignorance from the worlds full slate. Then we can really address the real cause of this mess.  
In childhood I learned, as the books I loved would say, that if you're pretty and it's earned, someone will take you far away.
Can a love be forever binding? To return when others cripple As thought of extraneous suitors sour. Relic of the time that has tick tocked, Souvenir of the heart's gift shop,
The way you make me suffer is so sweet. It makes me feel alive, reminds me that I can still care sometimes.   Wreckage and pain, but none of us are to blame.
A beautiful face A tormented past  An undeniable mystery to the audience of my life.    I show, You see
Miles to, hundreds from Where my hearts pulled Where the sun drowns Where the wind doesn't blow, We sit in silent war.   The cry's cold cut on the brink of hysteria
My heart was once so open So innocent and free I shared it with the world For the world enamored me
Take the time to listen, Take the time to know, Take the time to hold on, To that which is truly good.
Kindness, integrity and respect                With the heart of shear compassion and determination Giving up will never be an option                 But failing will not be shameful
Crack! Pop! Fizz! Yet another beer down. The anger boils up, While the true you is left to drown. The spiral continues, you’ve lost all control. Just one more cup,
Thoughts fluttering my conscience mind as I try to unwind from time spent making seven twenty-five and a dime. How can I be at ease knowing that I have two mouths to feed and no one to take heed to the pain that is felt within. 
It’s hard to miss something you never really had, But that’s all part of not having a dad Don’t get me wrong, I wish he were here, But like always he’s no where near. He’d be angry to know I’ve lost all respect, 
I'm a statistic because of my family.I'm the derivative of a broken home.A shattered background of instability and hardship defines me.The remnants of my childhood are just bits and pieces
  At times life is golden. Made of sweet honey, a sunny afternoon, a smile, warm hugs, the perfect lemonade. When time floats, and the clouds sail serenely across the sky. Those are the highlights of life. The memories.
The body and the earth shakes All the while the waves quake With untangible thoughts of a body So the sand breaks   Into grains in the mind Stringed noodles of a hallowed concubine
We live in a world where there’s so much hardship, pain, and suffering We live in a world where there’s you and me but there’s hardly ever we And when there is it’s because we’re fighting against an enemy
I was looking to hit the big time Heading to Charlotte to make some cash Driving around in my Dodge Colt Vista, looking for work wherever I could find it A college graduate left completely broke and seemingly broken within Twenty minutes to 1 A.M.
A ticket and a dream was all that she could see, An orphan, and hope for all that could be. Not even a hop, skip, and a jump away.   To arrive on a plan was more than they could ask for,
I look out at my face in the mirror pasted to the bathroom stallMy ears hear my heart break and as my knees begin to fallI realize nothing is left for me here but an oblivion of nothingness
I bite the hand that feeds, And laugh as it recedes, Disregard my dirty deeds, And neglect all my needs, For they are never met, The simplest regret, This I can bet, In stone they’ve been set,
Peeling skin Coats the walls Of travesty And love. Chisel me away, I beg you. And don’t bother Priming me again. Pick away My drywall ribs. And leave me Unfinished.
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