Never Have I Ever

I was one year old
Could barely see my toes
through the fat thighs

I was barely three years old
Couldn't even see myself
through the mirror above the sink.

I was barely thirteen years old
Couldn't even see my career
path that I must choose

I was barely sixteen years old
Couldn't even see my father or mother
because of jail.

I didn't ask for much
I didn't try too much
Not much I did changed the fact that their
freedom was taken away on the actions of my father.

I went through much
I saw too much
I cant forget the day they broke open the door
"We have a search warrant! Open the door!"

In fact, I had been getting late to school
My brother drove, I slept, my parents were only on bail
Yet the DEA busted through not letting my parents finish
the state case because its them against USA.

This country of joy and happiness
This feeling of family
It went away slowly
It left just tears.

Apply for scholarships.
Get a job.
Find a place to live.
I'm only seventeen. 

I don't know where I'll be in a week.
I cant start the drugs like my father did.
Selling and slinging, losing his money, his freedom,
his children.

School, later work, later stress
Later coming home to a new apartment
because I'm getting kicked out of my home.
"Get out of my house" Uncle says

I have hope and faith.
Tomorrow will have its new ways
I can live without the grace moments
In turn, I live for the brighter days.

This poem is about: 
My family


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