Bring down the white flag and tear down the rails,

For defeat was not enough for what this story entails,

In this cold abyss of fire, smoke, and disease,

What was left of our brothers was a promise of peace,

Prisoners were we, in this war of faith and lies, 

Our eyes becoming sunken at the weight of those who died,

We are now the lowest kind.

Animals, butchered by the thousands at no deed of ill reprieve,

By animals, the same cowards who would kill to feel at ease.

These people, these beasts,

A test of faith to break our minds, 

But while our bodies may be shattered, our spirit still stands strong,

Which only goes to show who was right and who was wrong.

This, was never what we wanted, 

But we will never give in to any form of oppression,

We will never be silenced, nor will we be judged for our demeanor,

Because we are not one people, but a nation of believers.

And we pity you, our captors, for the emptiness you must feel,

The pain is only temporary, but our love is real,

For souls of those departed are never really gone,

Their memory still remains,

But through the horrors done,

We can try to forget, but there will always be stains. 


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