Birdcage Syndrome


In childhood I learned, as the books I loved would say, that if you're pretty and it's earned, someone will take you far away. So everyday I studied, how to move and how to stand, till' my soles and palms were bloody, I can be both small and and brand. 

I learned to speak when addressed. How to blush and be demure. Knowing it was all a test and my prince will come for sure. I made myself into a princess. And If I were truly royale, he would be properly impressed, and to him I would be loyal.

And he'd stand before the court. And he'd tell the king and queen...that their crimes had been cut short. There'd be music and a ring.

And I wouldn't have to sing anymore..I wouldn't have to be someone I'm not. I wouldn't be this false facade.

And instead of ruling side by side, we'd see the world together in a scenic, classic carriage ride.

He'd be both kind and clever. 

And the bars that kept me trapped here would be gone and lost forever.

And I wouldn't have to sing again. Or act the way they want. 

So until he comes for me, my bigger dream is to be who you want to be.

...For I am a shadow. And I am the true self.

And I'll wait for you

I'll rescue you..

And you'll rescue me.

Prince, please save me. 


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