Love and grow because that is all there is

Kindness, integrity and respect

               With the heart of shear compassion and determination

Giving up will never be an option

                But failing will not be shameful

                       To love no matter how my heart is shattered

                       To never breed and grow something that I wish would disappear from the world

Love is something that always needs to be nurtured

                       For it to grow one must love themselves as well as the ones they scorn

                People are just people no matter how strong or pitiful they seem,

                       Everyone hides a scar that sometimes cannot be seen,

                Thus so, should always smile and bring kind warmth while aiding those when the

situation arises



Not everything can be controlled ... Not everything can seem fair or just,

                But to not wavier in your own character is what will set people that were wrong apart

from the innocent



While the days pass, don't let the light be wasted

                 Move, grab chances and only look back to help you grow

                             Don't use your past to hold you back, but instead to propel you forward

                                          No matter what the future holds, as long as I hold on to what I love,

                                                    believe and value


                                                            Regret can't be an option


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