Unheard Voices


I became the shelter, a safe haven, a building of four cement walls and a celling.
Study enough to survive the storms, and the battles outside of my doors.
I felt the fire, felt my whole building collapse, I’ve sent out multiple signal flares.
No one came. That feeling of loneliness became my best friend.
I got sick, and disgusted with myself, everywhere I turned I had no help.
Asking but it seemed like I was never heard, or they just didn’t care
Everything around me was burning. Was I the only one who could see?
The catastrophe that was right in front of me.
After falling to me knees I got up on my feet.
Only to rebuild the walls that stood in front of me. I treated my wounds,
withstood the flames, stood for myself with only one name, One voice that
Carries to all, head my warning cause this is a warning call.
You’re not alone; this is true, we have been battered by the same stones,
and put down by the same voice. I’ll be what you need. Giving what was not there for me.
The building I’ve rebuilt, is one with care, and hope.
Through all the smoke this message will carry on to all the unheard voices,
saving them from them from their final choices.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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