Every Again

A broken head and broken soul

Struggling to make sense.

The past two months took a tole

I feel my body on defense.

As I look to the ones close,

They don't know how to help.

My mom thinks she knows

What happened to me; It was heartfelt.


I pick myself up

To get back to the good life.

I decided to interrupt

All the tears and the strife.

Work towards a better me

That would no longer cut ties

I cannot guarantee,

But I know I will no longer disguise.


A few months later,

I am making a mark.

No longer am I a traitor,

I am learning to be smart.

Thinking towards the future,

I know it will be bumpy.

Finally, I am the ruler 

Of my own life. Comfy.

There are better days ahead,

And I have to push forward.

I don't want it to go unsaid

I will never go backwards.


Ever Again.

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My family
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