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He hits and screams, It's never his fault, They never see much proof that he caused any harm, When a new bottle of whiskey is brought into sight, You start to shake inside,
Daughter of the Rising Star Raise your voice Do not remain silenced You are the child of the Sun She will guide you
As a child, you are told how to use your palabras When to say si o no When to say gracias and de nada Now we have that freedom To open our mouth’s wide and communicate with one another
Speak up by Abigail Kuhn   The sunflowers sit beautifully undone and like you, for days that felt like years,
                                              People scared to give their Heart Away                                               Thinking someone would tear it
To dull the pain of losing you I swallowed that nectar Plunged the blade into my leg But before i was consumed I reached out to you
He made me follow his commands And obligated me to become a housewife I didn't have this life in mind, these were not my plans He stopped me from achieving my goals. he didn't let me strife   
It's time I realize that now I wasn’t ready before Not like I thought I was I was only forcing the inspiration The urgency
Dear Laina, you’re in first grade. You’re journey hasn’t started but it will when you are eight.   you’ll be in 3rd grade, you’re brother will be 2.
Pool Boy, You were just a boy, sixteen years young - (blank) neighbor. (Blank) demons derive from our paths crossing when (Blank) was 4. The day was hot, wearing nothing but the trainning bra and
Is world peace Fought with a loaded piece Am I supposed to live at ease I’m asking the higher priest but he aint got the answers 
A world of hate and critisism. A world of judging eyes What more can we do but listen, As people speak their ignorant lies. I know I can't stay silent, Not when I can fight,
I saw,I heard But did I react?No  I want stood  watch carelessly knowing that you said words of envy
Happiness They say the happiest person is often the saddest, They are the one with the most pain inside   Masks Everyone has one. As children they are blank – wide eyed and wondering,
All eyes on you Its time to tell the truth We finally got the spotlight camera action We must take action So we must act Not on a stage with the man pulling the strings This is not oz
Your a wall 
 Spaced out from the liars, shit talkers , homophobic remarks appearing from thin air . Eyes locked at my chest and jean inprints. As society search desperately for clues.
"Speak!" you scream at me as your words wrap around my throat,
an inaudible sound unspeakable words that are spoken but not heard not yet   voice is presence to have a voice is to command speech demand attention to speak the thoughts
I used to believe that everything about life was wonderous
This wall is what I call my home. Without it, I feel lost, foreign, and alone. It is a guard that protects the innermost part of me. To fade and to blend my culture into society.  
When you try to silence voice you’re silencing a movement Telling it to hush and learn how not to speak at all You’re telling her that she does not matter You’re taking away her ability to speak up for herself
That voice in your head
Think before you tell meI'm not pretty,
I need an escape, all of this pain bottled up inside of me. Tears waiting to burst out. I've cried a river, but there's still an ocean left. Hurt and confused. Life is a living hell, can't you see?
If my heart had a quill and an inkwell, ’Twould scribble without end, night and day. Had it but a voice, it would sing, tell All, everything I would say.   But my restless pen gets set down, how
So you want to know what makes me tick? Then listen up because sometimes you can be thick,
When I wish upon a star I dream of something far Up above, beyond my dreams More extreme that it seems
Skin does not define who I am, it is not my choice.I did not pick this skin so I gave my skin a voice.
a 3 year old isn't suppose to hear her mom running from a man screaming at her maybe that her brother and they are playing like we do no that is not right..mommy is crying..why is mommy crying? DO YOU HEAR ME?
Who am I kidding? You ask us to speak our minds but really you just want silence. You ask us to be ourselves but really you want our cooperation. You ask us to help others
Silent, quiet, unable to be seen I scream out and not a sound comes out invisible to the eye, silent to the world Not heard by boy or girl  No one notices the pain behind my silence
Living is filled with moments we enjoy. Surviving is the moment where we overcome an agonizing obstacle just to live another day. Luxury is not present until awarded. Only the talented species can live.
 She talks to me,                                           She tells me things she wouldn't tell others.                                            Like how one day she will break free
     There are worse things than not talking You can say something wrong                       you're stupid                           leave
Do you know how much silence hurts? Your judgment burns Even when I don’t know you How can I show you That whenever you laugh, it lacks its happy definition and instead creates an incision in my wall of confidence
I live within broken mirrors—   Fragmenting my mind.  
STOP!!!!  Just stop! Stop lying,  stop pretending like you cared,
It seems as though I'm often taking steps backwards,
I'm not o
You want someone clothed like a stripper with the ideals of a housewife. Someone who is worn – a shell. Gutted of originality and malleable like water.
You ask me now what makes me tick. Now I shall tell you, brick by brick. The look you see When you gaze into the eyes Of a mother who can't feed her children. Or the childrens plea
Silence screams clearly About the hurt inside all Speak up. Reach out. Heal. 
Abuse, Hurtful, Negligent Punching, Swearing, Bruising Deadbeat, Toxic, Hero, Savior
You were taken too soon my friend And I sit here and wonder  Why your life had to end Like the rolling of thunder    My one regret is not responding In the month of November
The taste of blood on her lips, She opens them. It drips, On the floor, She lays, A dark pool in the midst of a glittering forest, She wipes away the red metal. Eyes open. Searching.
  Kill yourself States the loud, infuriating, voice that  I to want to listen to since you have so desperately told me to do so, an abundance of times.
My father told me he was proud of me once,
You, yes…you!! What the hell are you waiting for? Don’t you see all the shit that’s going on right now? And you’re just lying there, not doing anything about it! I know what you think about every day and night
Vaporous drips zip zapped of the words trapped in the space of my mouth salient box of ubiquitous charm lies illicit to leave me harm to plead the fifth for fear of faces in a crowd as their faces speak so loud
I am lost. I am lost in the Spaces between words Rather than words themselves My voice too meek for anyone to hear Or understand.   I am lost underneath The people that engulf me
I am the black girl sitting in the back of your classroom The black girl that deals with racism day after day
You see that kid  Yes the one by himself You think he's a nerd A loser Or even maybe a nobody All his classmates trease him Then to go home And just get yelled at by his parents
I hate how society makes you feel as if you were doomed to be alone Never to fall in love in love, or if you were to fall it'd be from a soon hallow skull into a present hallow world
Silent everytime no noise at all Until one day it spoke The voice was very soft  Calm and gentle  Then it got louder Speaking of truth and facts equality of women and power
  Words They are such an everyday thing A mundane thing A simple thing But they are so powerful Have you considered the power of words The Bible The Constitution
“The instructor said,   Go home and write a page tonight And let that page come out of you--- Then, it will be true.”  
Unforgettably forgettable  You never paid attention to her, not even if it was critical  The society would see her, but she would still feel invisible You'd hear her name, and intimation owls go, "who?" 
Why I write? I write because it is my passion, my life, and my way of revealing to people my pain and my dignity  that I have inside. Why I write? I write because it makes me feel
Where is the truth in the mist of these lies? Is there any Love left? Must I cover my eyes from what's real? This world is consumed by deceit And people only live to gain and to defeat everyone else
Gives a voice to the weak, the misunderstood, ones who dont know what words to say Till they find the truth in someone else's words. Shows the harsh worded, the one word speakers,
What did you do for me? How dare you suggest, that I be the best, when you never did anything for me Hug and Kisses, no! Always touched, but never close Never agreed with my individuality
The first time I started writing, I fell in love, Now I'm addicted, poetry is my drug. It comes unasked from my gut I can finish, but never quit like a cigarette bud.
  I’ve died at least one thousand deaths. A girl warrior with the foundation of a fighter, I leap slash onto every mountain, I sneak crash onto every mole hill, I sing ring out a battle cry and off I go
Tear the tree down As the ecosystem frowns Just so some smuck gets to wear the mangrove crown One day natures going to fight back But what you lack Is the ability to comprehend
It's the harsh sound that rings in your ears, the noise equivalent to a bee sting. The white noise in your head vibrates, all you want it to do is cease it's unearthly pitch.
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