Recitent Repeat


Vaporous drips

zip zapped of the words trapped in the space of my mouth

salient box of ubiquitous charm lies illicit to leave me harm

to plead the fifth for fear of faces in a crowd

as their faces speak so loud


I’ve learned and I’ve earned

out of  the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

yet I feel so weak

volume less

value less


the sound of vibrato bursting out of my throat into

if there is movement in my heart

and expensive pensive

then I ought to speak

speak to be heard

respected not attention craved

when I speak I want my words to rave


less is more and in the power of my words

I want speak and seize the day

for the Truth and Love that resides in me


I love you

God is love

To love is to live love like Jesus

His love died

His love rose again

Love saved me from an eternal inferno

(Yes, Jesus loves you)

I yearn to speak truth in love

Anyone who confesses with their mouth

That Jesus Christ is Lord

Is saved

A gift


No requirements

No need to be perfect

The requirement: to make mistakes (sin) and a willingness


So I confess



reticent repeat

one chance of affluence

If I think therefore I am.

I have one moment

one life to live

one chance to live

one chance to die

one chance to speak

one moment


Hear, listen, (think),

speak, repeat

You only write once



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